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Wonder Wand WIDEBANDER QRP Allband Antenna from 1.8 to 432 MHz

An antenna 2 m/70 cm for all shortbands and allround with integrated antenna tuner, PL connector-plug, simply screw directly on the antenna of the radio (FT-817 for example). At first the best tuning reception, then tweaking with its built-in SWR. The network of internal compensation is bypassed for 2 m/70 cm, the feedback operation is adjusted by changing the length of the aerial telescope.

A telescopic antenna is included, as well as an adaptor for screw terminals 4 mm so you can attach or radial wire antennas, too. The telescopic antenna can only be used on the face BNC a FT-817 or scanner for 35 MHz and up. Use the device to get much better reception with a scanner manual on shortwave.

PEP 10W capacity.

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