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3 10/15/20 Meters bands Elements directional antenna
The "Original"! This is the ' great ' until 2.5 KW PEP SSB. Than 12 m, 30 m or 17 m, extendable to 40!

Mosley TA-33M technical data
Gain10 Meter8.3 dBD
15 Meter7.3 dBD
20 Meter6.5 dBD
Front/back ratio10 Meter20 dB
15 Meter20 dB
20 Meter20 dB
Power Max.CW1.5 kW
SSB2.5 kW
ROS1:1 bis 1.6:1
Boom length4.3 m
 5.0 m
Rod Diameter38 mm
Length max. of elements8.5 m
Weight (approx.)16.7 kg
Surface mass. of antenna0.53 m ²
Load% (@ 125 km/h)510 N
Weight (shipping), weight (transporte)19 kg


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