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Microham USB DXP 24-bit interface

Microham USB DXP 24-bit interface
Microham USB DXP 24-bit interface
Microham USB DXP 24-bit interface
Microham USB DXP 24-bit interface
Microham USB DXP 24-bit interface
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  • Model: DXP
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During the development of DXP Sound and CAT interfaces, microHAM had two main objectives:

better decoding using an updated 24-bit audio architecture
very simple installation and configuration
microHAM DXP

The microHAM DXP interface uses a 24-bit AD converter to digitize the received audio signal. The subsequent data processing also takes place with this very high resolution. The result is a much wider dynamic range, or the ability to discern even very small signals with the simultaneous presence of very strong signals in a safe and reliable manner. This results in better decoding even in difficult circumstances, for example with a large number of FT-8 signals simultaneously. This very high resolution is particularly useful for phase-modulated signals such as FT-8, JT65 or PSK-31.

Another microHAM innovation is the consistent use of USB device classes that conform to the interface standard. This means that the DXP no longer needs its own drivers on current operating systems, as they are all already available. This applies to Windows from version 7 onwards, as well as to current versions of MacOS and Linux. The previously common microHAM 'urouter' software is no longer needed, the installation is performed via the easy to read OLED display on the DXP interface. As a further simplification, the manufacturer has replaced the bridges previously used with electronic switches. The DXP interface can be easily used with various transceivers: ready cables are available for over 20 different types of transceivers for connection to the radio.

But of course the DXP interface can do more than just digital modes like RTTY and FT-8. A CAT interface with level converter is integrated for all common types of radios. Also in this case, coherent galvanic isolation between the radio and the computer is used, which ensures that no ground loops can occur. Furthermore, the latest K1EL WinKey chip is installed, which simplifies the typing of the transmitter in telegraphy with high precision. Keyer memories are easily accessible via the large keys on the top of the DXP. Furthermore there is the possibility to connect an external USB keyer to recall the memories. Of course you can also use a telegraphy paddle. A PTT input and a PTT output offer everything you need for integration in your station, even if you use a power amplifier.

DXP interface functionality
USB 2.0 connection to the computer, only cable ne
Power supply via USB, no additional power supply required
Existing DB15-xxx cables can be used with DXP
Complete galvanic separation between radio and computer
24-bit audio: high dynamic range, low noise
USB class drivers, no special drivers are required
RTTY, SSTV, FT-8, PSK-31, JT65, WSPR ...
Morse Telegraphy (CW) with K1EL Winkey Chip V3
CAT interface for Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Elecraft, TenTec and others
White OLED display
TX and RX level adjustable from the front panel
Morse keyer speed adjustable from the front panel
Very simple installation, without bridges
Optional USB keyboard connector
PTT foot switch input
Output for PTT control of an amplifier
Connector for miamica iamica (paddle) key
Dimensions and weight: 150 x 105 x 30 mm, 350 g

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