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LDG Z 817 QRP equipment

LDG Z 817 QRP equipment
LDG Z 817 QRP equipment
LDG Z 817 QRP equipment
LDG Z 817 QRP equipment
LDG Z 817 QRP equipment
LDG Z 817 QRP equipment
LDG Z 817 QRP equipment
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  • Brand: LDG
  • Model: Z-817
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  • EAN: 7438641842391
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Z-817 QRP radio is the ultimate Autotuner including the Yaesu FT-817 (D). The Z-817 CAT port interfaces (ACC) on the back of the radio FT-817 with the cable supplied. Tuning couldn't be simpler; a push button on the tuner is all that is needed and the Z-817 takes care of the rest. You switch to the mode PKT, transmit a carrier, tune the tuner, then restore the radio to the previous mode! 2000 memoirs cover 160 to 6 meters.

Of course, the Z-817 will also work as a general purpose antenna tuner with other QRP radio. Just send a carrier and press the tune button on the tuner. Z-817 is powered by four internal AA alkaline batteries (not included), so there are no additional cables are needed to use the Z-817. Lock relay are used so that the energy consumption is zero when not tweaking that allows a set of batteries to last about a year.

Technical data LDG Z-817

  • RF Power 0.1 to 20 watts SSB, CW and digital modes (Z-817H: 75W)
  • Latching relays for ultra low power consumption
  • Battery operated 4 x 1.5 V AA Alkaline (not included)
  • Built-in CAT port interface. CAT thru port for computer connection.
  • 2000 memories when used with FT-817 interface (200 memories for other radios)
  • 1.8 to 54 MHz coverage
  • Tunes 6 to 600 Ω (about 10:1 SWR range). 16 to 150 Ω on 6 m (about 3:1)
  • So-239 in and out connections for dipoles, verticals, beams, G5RV, OCF, Cobra, ect.
  • Dimensions: 120 x 43 x 130 (WHD). Weight: approx. 300 g (without batteries).

Included in shipment is one CAT cable for Yaesu (30 cm).

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LDG Tuner Tavola di comparazione

Tavola di comparazione LDG Tuner
Freq. Range [MHz]1.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 54
Power 1.8 - 30MHz [W]0.1 - 200.1 - 1250.1 - 1250.1 - 1250.1 - 1256000.1 - 1251 - 1000.1 - 1005 - 2505 - 60020 - 1000
Potenza mass. 6m [W]2030100100100600100100100100100100250250
Antenna connectors1x PL1x PL1x PL1x PL1x PL1x PL1x PL1x PL1x PL1x PL2x PL2x PL2x PL2x PL
Tuning Range [Ω]6 - 6006 - 8006 - 10006 - 8004 - 8004 - 8004 - 8004 - 8004 - 10004 - 10006 - 10006 - 8006 - 8006 - 800
Number of Memories200020002000200020002000200020002000200040001600040004000
Internal Battery possibleSiSiSiNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Ext. Supply Voltage [V]No8 - 188 - 18No (via CAT)No (via CAT)No (via CAT)No (via CAT)No (via CAT)No (via CAT)No (via CAT)11 - 1611 - 1611 - 1611 - 16
Current Draw after Tune0< 25µA< 25µA< 25µA< 8mA< 8mA< 8mA< 8mA< 8mA< 8mA< 8mA< 1A< 1A< 1A
On/Off SwitchNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoSiSiSi
Latching relaysSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiNoNoNo
Manual TuningSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSi
Automatic TuningNoNoSiNoNoNoNoNoNoNoSiSiSiSi
Manual Tuning of L & CNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoSiSiSiSi
Display PowerNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoLED BarLED BarLED BarLED Bar
Cable included1x LDG-Y-CAT1x DC1x DC1x LDG-Y-CAT--1x LDG-Y-CAT1x LDG-I-ACC1x LDG-IC4501x DC1x DC1x DC1x DC1x DC

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