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Icom IC 7610 SDR transceiver 100 Watt band hf and 50 mhz

Icom IC 7610 SDR transceiver 100 Watt band hf and 50 mhz
Icom IC 7610 SDR transceiver 100 Watt band hf and 50 mhz
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Icom IC 7610 SDR transceiver 100 Watt band hf and 50 mhz
Icom IC 7610 SDR transceiver 100 Watt band hf and 50 mhz

Icom IC 7610 SDR transceiver 100 Watt band hf and 50 mhz
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  • Brand: ICOM
  • Model: ic7610
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The dual direct RF sampling receiver brings you to a superior performance level.

Innovative Direct Sampling System. Up to 110 dB * (typical) of RMDR.
The direct RF sampling system directly converts analog signals into digital signals and sends data to the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) process.
The main clock circuit uses a high precision oscillator with excellent low noise characteristics. This allows for high-order reception and transmission performance, extremely low phase noise as well as a high Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range (RMDR).
* 2 kHz frequency separation.

Double independent receiver. Receives two bands simultaneously
The sub-receiver works independently of the main one. The dual receiver is perfect for simultaneously controlling two bands and two operating modes. Independent AF / RF controls for the main receiver and sub-receiver improve versatility.

DIGI-SEL preselector eliminates interfering signals resolutely
Both receivers are equipped with the DIGI-SEL (digital preselector) unit.
The DIGI-SEL circuit has more steep characteristics than normal bandpass filters, so it can easily erase strong off-band interfering signals such as those of broadcast stations and prevent cross-modulation phenomena.

Spectrum Scope in real-time high-speed and high resolution
The IC-7610 real-time spectrum scope displays both the receiver's main and sub-receiver bandwidth conditions. Provides top performance for resolution, scanning speed and 100 dB of dynamic range. The water-fall screen allows you to find weak signals by displaying spectrum changes over time. The audio scope function shows the FFT and the oscilloscope.





5 kHz to 1000 kHz

5 kHz to 500 kHz


1 pixel minimum *

2 pixel minimum *

Scan speed

Up to 30 frames per second
(approximate value)

Up to 4 frames per second
(approximate value)

Dynamic range

100 dB

80 dB

Dual Receiver


No (Single)

* Number of pixels displayed at 60 dB level while receiving a signal

7-Inch Color Display with Touch Screen Function
The wide 7-inch color display shows the various operating parameters and settings in high resolution (800 × 480 pixels).
The combination of the touch screen with multi-function control allows simple, intuitive and fast operations.

Other characteristics:

  • Intrinsically high speed automatic antenna tuner
  • Newly conceived speaker housing for high-quality audio, enhancing the extreme purity of the received signal
  • SD card reader to save user settings and recorded communications (SD memory not provided)
  • Digital IF and dual digital PBT digital filter to eliminate interference
  • Remote control over IP network via optional RS-BA1 software
  • External monitor connection via DVI-D port

Supplied with: Handheld Microphone HM-219, DC Power Cord, Reserve Fuses and User's Manual

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