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Hygain T2X Tailtwister Rotator with analog controller

Hygain T2X Tailtwister Rotator with analog controller
Hygain T2X Tailtwister Rotator with analog controller
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  • Brand: HYGAIN
  • Model: T2X Tailtwister
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  • EAN: 7438641843978
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The famous and well known universally rotors for antennas up to 2 m2 of surface wind.
Antenna Rotator HyGain are built with double or triple ball bearings for maximum stability and electro mechanical brakes that block the mechanism, keeping the antenna revolutions with strong wind. When the antenna rotates the brake automatically opens and closes again (late) after it reached the knockout final.

The rotors are designed for installation on a flat surface (Rotator Platform), for installation on top of a mast optional clamps are necessary. Cast aluminium, with precision ball bearings, all in stainless steel. The maximum diameter for the mast is 52 mm.
The rotors are available with two different control units:
The unit features buttons for direction and the brake and illuminated analog instrument for controlling direction.

In addition displays the opposite direction, from the station to your receipt, along with your indication. To facilitate reading, uses a blue LCD with blank characters, size is 35 x 66 mm. The DCU-3 is a digital control unit for HyGain rotators like HAM IV T2X Tailtwister, etc. The pointing direction (in degrees) is displayed on a large LCD display and its representation in compass.

Precise and safe rotation of large antenna system, the controller DCU-3 uses various methods of positioning. A brake, as it is also used on other rotors, is released and activated again only when reaching the end position. The engine was stopped slightly before reaching the required position in order to reduce efforts to the rotor and the antennas.

The control unit DCU-3 is provided both serial interface that USB interface to allow easy integration of the rotor in the station. The rotor can be directly controlled by programs such as Ham Radio Deluxe or similar. The size of the DCU 110 x 228 x 3 are 215-mm (Wxhxd).

Two models are available:
HAM-IV for antennas up to 1 m2 of surface and T2X ' Tailtwister ' up to 2, 2 m2 of surface wind.

Weight Inc. the control unit

Technical data:
 HAM-IVT2X ' Tailtwister ' 
Surface mass. of antenna (with stand)1.62.2m2
Surface mass. of antenna (no bearings)0.61.1m2
Massive torque400500kg
Brake force25004500kg
Brakeswork with electromechanical Jack  
Ball bearingsDouble/96 ballsTriple/138 balls 
Number of control wires88 
 <td style="border-style: solid; border-color: rgb(221, 221, 221); border-width: 0px style=" "="">CA. 12CA. 14kg
Time max. bending radius (with stand)38004600NM

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