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Expert Electronics Colibri-NANO SDR Rx

The Colibri-NANO USB stick is a powerful direct-sampled SDR receiver. The range of frequencies ranges from 9 kHz to 55 MHz. The AD converter has 14-bit depth, which results in an excellent BDR of 110 dB. The sampling rate of 122 MHz, combined with the anti-aliasing filter, allows direct sampling reception of up to 55 MHz. The filter can be excluded, so you can use the receiver in "sub-sampled" mode (with reduced performance) up to 500 MHz.

Thanks to improved and faster IQ data processing, the SDR achieves a sampling width of 3 MHz; As a result, the spectrum display can be up to 3 MHz wide. This is an excellent value for a device of this band! The software, ExpertSDR2 (download to, offers a receiver for all common ways, while digital modes can be decoded using external programs, using support for VAC "virtual audio devices".

Another notable feature of the Colibri-NANO SDR is the combined attenuator/pre-amplifier stage that can be finely adjusted in steps of 0.5 dB, from -31 to .6 dB. Along with a low noise floor (from -127 to -131 dBm) and an excellent sensitivity of 0.05 -V, the result is a receiver with an excellent ability to handle large signals. The Colibri-NANO is a perfect HF scanner, both in noisy and very quiet environments.

The Colibri-NANO can be used directly connected to the user's computer or from a remote location. This can be done with the use of the free ExpertRemote software. In the sell'SDR station you need a small calculator, such as the Raspberry-Pi; as an internet connection is sufficient a relatively slow connection such as LTE or 3G. This allows you to use the SDR receiver in a convenient and quiet location, anywhere in the world.

The Colibri-NANO software ( download) integrates a CAT interface for remote control of a traditional amateur radio transceiver. Visually the ExpertSDR2 software is really impressive thanks to the support of 4K displays. The operating system can be Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bits)) or Linux (Ubuntu, Kubuntu). External I/O DLLs are also provided for use with other programs, such as SDR -[1] or HDSDR.

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