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Yaesu FTDX 9000 D transceiver from 200 watt base

Yaesu FTDX 9000 D transceiver from 200 watt base
6 YEARS WARRANTY Out of production
Yaesu FTDX 9000 D transceiver from 200 watt base
  • Product: Out of production
  • Brand: YAESU MUSEN
  • Model: FT DX9000 D
  • SKU: 447
  • EAN: 7438641843626
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A great mixture of traditional functions and latest technology-the new flagship of the Yaesu FT-DX9000D has it all.

The FT-DX9000D utilizes two independent receivers (triple conversion superhet) offering the best opportunity for hunters to rare DX. A high sensitivity (2μV @ SSB 2.4 kHz) and excellent selectivity are Yaesu standard. The transceiver covers all amateur bands from 160 through 6 meters, the receiver covers from 30 kHz to 60.

The newly designed preselector filter "μ-Tune" covers from 160 to 20 m and continues the well-known tradition of VRF filter of the first radios Yaesu. Provides a very narrow filtering and optimization of first stage HF filter.

Three selectable roofing filters (3, 6 and 15 kHz wide) work on the first level of IF and are vital in providing an excellent dynamic range. Using the latest 32-Bit DSP technology to the level of "IF you don't need to purchase expensive Crystal filters. You don't have to commit to tried and tested functions on filters-Yaesu extends the tradition of the earliest known contour filters transceivers, giving an almost analog DSP filters.

A newly developed 400 MHz DDS synthesizer works in the heart of the FT-DX9000D, resulting in a greater reduction of phase noise and a transceiver very quiet.

The transmitter offers solid 200 watt output, the power amplifier has a very low distortion offering class A or class AB operation. Antenna tuner allows the use of various antennas, the range goes from 16.7 to 150 Ω agree (160-10 m)

Another feature of Yaesu is to maintain such complex transceivers still usable. Under the traditional frequency display the FT-DX9000D offers a 6.8 "display at 800 x 480 pixel resolution color. In addition to the important sights of the screen provides some functions which help the user in its daily operations. Some features are: State information, Audio display (spectrum or waterfall), HF spectrum, a log book, world map with grey-line, world clock, map pointing and direct control of rotors (Yaesu rotators). All individual settings are stored in the CF card.

Two large analog S-Meters for the two receivers will provide vital information at a glance

Yaesu offers a CD ROM with information and documentation about the new FT-DX9000. The cost for this CD including shipping is 5.00 Euro. Please send a $ 5.00 Euros or your credit card details to receive this CD ROM from WiMo.

General technical data FT-DX9000 D

Frequency range receiver 30khz to 60MHz Transmitter frequency range 160 m to 6 m amateur bands Frequency stability ± 0, 03ppm (after 5 minutes, within the temperature range.) Temperature range (operation) -10° to +60° C Ways A1a, A3E, F1D, F2D, F3E, J3E F1B, Navigation steps 1/10 Hz (SBB, CW, AM), 100 Hz (FM) Range of agreement 16.7 to 150 Ω (160-10 m)
25 to 100 Ω (m) Absorption 100 to 120VA (In reception)
720va (transmitting) Power supply 90 to 260V AC Measurements 518 x 165 x 439mm Weight 30 kg

Technical data transmitter FT-DX9000D

Output power 5-200 Watts (5-75 Watts AM Carrier) Ways J3e (SSB), A3E (AM), F3E (FM) FM deviation Max. ± 5.0 kHz/± 2.5 kHz Suppression of spurious application processing of <-60dB (160-10 m)
<-70dB (6 m) Suppression carrier (SSB) ≤-70dB Undesired sideband suppression ≤-80dB IMD 3° Order -31dB @ 200W PEP
-50dB @ 75W PEP (class A) Microphone impedance 600 Ω Microphone connector 3-pin XLR

Technical data receiver FT-DX9000 D

Receiver type Triple conversion super heterodyne IF Frequencies VFO-A: 40, 455MHz/455kHz/30kHz (24 kHz in FM)
VFO-B: 40, 455MHz/450kHz/30kHz (24 kHz in FM) Sensitivity (IPO off)

SSB (2, 4 kHz 10dB S + N/N) Am (6kHz, 10dB S + N/N) FM (12dB SINAD) 0.2 μV (Amateur bands 160-10 m) 3.2 μV (0.1-1, 8 MHz) 0.5 μV (10 m Amateur band) 0.125 μV (6 m Amateur band) 2μv (1.8-30MHz) 0.35 μV (6 m Amateur band) 2μv (continuous coverage) 1μV (6 m Amateur band) Selectivity (-6dB/-66dB)

So -6dB -66dB CW/RTTY/PKT ≤ 500Hz ≤ 750Hz SSB ≤ 2.4 kHz ≤ 3.6 kHz Am ≤ 9kHz ≤ 18 kHz FM ≤ 15 kHz ≤ 25kHz Blank image ≤ 70dB (160.10 m Amateur bands) Audio level 2.4 W at 4 Ω Audio impedance 4 to 8 Ω

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