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YAESU FTDX 3000D transceiver from HF base and 50MHz 100W

YAESU FTDX 3000D transceiver from HF base and 50MHz 100W
YAESU FTDX 3000D transceiver from HF base and 50MHz 100W
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  • Brand: YAESU MUSEN
  • Model: FT-DX3000D
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The tradition continues: FTDX3000
The FTDX3000D is the latest addition to the Yaesu FT-DX series. At design level inherits concepts of FTDX9000 and FTDX5000 transceivers that have been very successful worldwide among those pursuing the ultimate ideal of amateur HF communication equipment.
Based on the tradition of Yaesu's FTDX models
FTDX3000D [100 W]
± 0.5 ppm TCXO supplied
Optional 300 Hz crystal roof filter
600 Hz crystal roof filter supplied
3 kHz crystal roof filter supplied
• FH-2 [Remote Keypad]: message manipulator, command and memory selection
• MH-31B8 [Manual Microphone]
The RF input stage offers absolute-level reception performance
This result was achieved by exploiting the inheritance of the high performance receiver
The powerful narrow-banded crystal roof filter enhances the receiver's multi-signal characteristics
The "Down Conversion" of the receiver is similar to that of the FTDX5000. The first MF frequency is 9 MHz. This allows the use of narrowband crystal roof filters (300 Hz, 600 Hz or 3 kHz) with an effective form factor and generates tremendous multi-signal reception performance.
The 3 kHz roof filter greatly improves the reception of SSB signals under close multi-signal conditions. 300 Hz and 600 Hz roof filters provide optimal CW reception environment when adjacent signals may prevent the desired signal reception. [CAUTION! The 300 Hz filter is optional]
Fenomenal multi-signal features already extensively demonstrated on the FTDX5000
Using the dual dynamic range measurement with 10 kHz separation of signals, the performance of the FTDX3000D is 108.5 dB, IP3 +37 dBm. With a frequency separation of just 2 kHz between the desired signal and an interference signal, the dynamic range is 106 dB and IP3 +33 dBm. Absolutely Awesome!
This is the tradition of the FTDX YAESU series. The RF input stage allows you to get cutting-edge performances for HF radios.
The RF input stage circuit is the most important component from which the performance of the HF receiver depends. Our Yaesu design team has focused its outstanding expertise in designing the FTDX3000D input stage. Fifteen separate passaband filters (BPFs) are used to protect the input stage; This effectively reduces unwanted signals and out of bandwidth.
In the RF amplifier, the robust bipolar transistor (2SC3357) is used. This transistor has low negative feedback and offers superior level intermodulation performance. The gain of each single device is kept to a lower level and the best optimized workstation is selected with the lowest negative feedback. In addition, a tailor-made customized transformer, with less magnetic saturation, is used for the I / O of the RF amplifier.
Highly stable, high quality oscillator
High precision TCXO circuits and DDS and PLL ensure unmatched quality of local oscillator segments
The S / N signal (signal / noise) of the local signal entered in the MF mixer is one of the most important factors for improving receiver properties in the crowded environment
Multi-signal operational. On the FTDX3000D model, the combination of the 40 MHz high stability and precision TCXO (± 0.5 ppm, 10 t to +60 t) and DDS, generates the fundamental frequency for this radio, and is locked directly on the PLL-IC And VCO. The configuration and method of this circuit creates the highest quality local quality signal with the highest level S IN performance. Consequently, the intrinsic reception of the receiver is kept to a lower level and the best dynamic range of 2kHz IP3 performance is obtained. This is a phenomenal improvement!
Effective QRM suppression with the IF-DSP technology IF-DX3000
The FTDX3000D MF section uses the 32-bit high-speed decimal point DSP system, TMS320C6727B (up to 2800 MIPS / 2100 MFLOPSs) made by Texas Instruments. The signal is processed by the 300 MHz high-speed clock frequency.
The proven IF WIDTH and IF SHIFT functions offer excellent QRM suppression performance
You can adjust IF WIDTH and IF SHIFT, and delete the QRM by rotating the SHIFT / WIDTH dial on the front panel.

High stabilized RF output and high quality transmission signal
The final amplifier provides a high RF stabilized output
For the ultimate RF amplifier, MOS FET RD100HHF1 devices are used in push-pull amplifier construction This circuit provides RF power performance stabilized. The amplifier generates a clean transmission signal with spurious emissions and contained signal distortions. The large heat sink is matched to the printed frame and has a capacity of 1200 cm3.
The high speed automatic tuner includes 100 memory channels
The F-DX3000D antenna tuner is digital type with LC switching use. It has a very large memory and tuning data is automatically stored in the 100 memory channels. The optimized tuning data of the antenna is immediately recalled to reduce the frequency change tuning time to get the best compromise.
Superior functionality and visibility
A huge color TFT display
The FTDX3000D features a large 4.3-inch color TFT display that provides convenient viewing of radio functions. Despite the many features and functions of the FTDX3000D, the display makes it easy and practical to use the radio for both beginners and experienced users

The block diagram shows the path of the RX signal
The color TFT display also provides a circuit diagram of the radio that illustrates the path of the RX signal and the RX settings. Receiver configuration and signal path can be verified with a quick glance at the screen.
Independent independent frequency display
The operating frequency is also indicated on a large display, just above the main VFO tuning knob and is separated from the main radio information display. This is one of the most important
Characteristics of the transceiver FTDX3000D. This convenient display allows higher operating levels. The display uses a high contrast LCD monitor (V A-LCD of a negative type) with wide viewing angle. It provides excellent visibility from multiple observation points.
High Speed ​​Spectrum Analyzer Function
The FTDX3000D comes with a high-speed spectrum analyzer and standard resolution, which allows you to view and tune in the respective frequencies in the bandwidth. Signal changes that constantly change over the band can be readily displayed. Spectrum bandwidth bandwidth can be set to six different ranges: 20 kHz, 50 kHz, 100 kHz, 200 kHz, 500 kHz or 1 MHz. If the spectrum analyzer operates at separate frequencies, the spectrum analyzer displays the Transmission and reception indicators, allowing easy reference to the ratio between the transmission frequency and the receiving frequency.
The AF-FFT function of the analyzer shows the AF characteristics of the transmission / reception signal
The FTDX3000D also includes an integrated AFF-FFT (Audio Frequency Fast Fourier Transform) analyzer. With this analyzer, you can visually check the audio characteristics of the received signals, the effect of adjusting the performance of the MF filter in reception, and the effects of using QRM suppression functions.
CW decode function
The FTDX3000D has a morse code decoding function that can be used to decipher and display characters on the TFT screen. This feature helps CW first-hand users and supports actual CW communications by displaying the encoded message on video.
RTTY / PSK31 encoding / decoding function
The FTDX3000D comes with a handy encoder and decoder RTTY and PSK31. The AF-FFT screen displays the programmed mark and the space frequencies, allowing for easy tuning to the peak of the received signal.


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