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The high-frequency design technology inherited guarantees the "best performance of the category".
The extraordinary functionality is perfect for the DX environment. An extremely balanced receiver circuit that resumes the design concepts of the Yaesu FTDX Series.

FTDX1200 [100 W]
± 0.5 ppm TCXO supplied
Roof filters from 3 Hz, 6 Hz and 15 kHz supplied

MH-31B8 [manual microphone] T9025225

The 3 kHz roof filter is very effective in attenuating interference signals.

The 3 kHz, 6 kHz and 15 kHz roof filters are installed upstream of the first 40.455 MHz MF frequency. Four powerful MCF elements are used that filter with the fundamental oscillation mode with excellent distortion characteristics. The insertion of a narrow-band 3kHz narrow-band filter (this hard-to-use solution at the highest frequencies), upstream of the first MF stage, has made it possible to greatly attenuate strong non-bandwidth signals. This reduces the resulting load on the mixer and improves the characteristics of adjacent multi-signals.


 The configuration of the triple conversion circuit implements the optimized gain distribution.
The triple conversion circuit structure allows extremely flexible gain distribution at each stage. This allows the elimination of unwanted signals by means of filters at each stage and optimized gain distribution. Reshaping the design concepts of the FTDX series and thanks to a careful search activity with repeated practical tests, the FTDX1200 delivers a state-of-the-art and extremely balanced configuration of the receiver circuit.

The IPO function allows selection of the optimum configuration for the RF amplifier circuit for each specific noise and signal condition
The RF amplifier uses two proven bipolar transistor 2SC3356 of the negative feedback type. We have carefully tested the constants of the surrounding circuits, which determine the circuit characteristics and also the layout of the board for optimal results. Because the two transistors are connected in series, you can select the workpiece with the optimal negative feedback without focusing on the gain. Excellent multi-signal characteristics are obtained, with low negative feedback. The optimum workstation of an RF amplifier circuit is not always fixed; can be configured based on the receiving band, connected antenna, and signal and noise conditions. The IPO (Interception Point Optimization) can be switched by the IPO switch on the front panel. The IPO function allows you to change the operation of the RF amplifier to send optimal signal levels to the mixer.

The acclaimed IF DSP system is powerful, versatile and efficient in effective use

The beneficial effect of IF DSP YAESU technology
Like the top-end FTDX5000 and FTDX3000 series, it uses a high-speed 32-bit floating point DSP, the TMS320C6727B produced by
Texas Instruments. The processor operates at a clock speed of 300 MHz. The high-speed digital processing capacity of the 3rd 30 kHz MF signal ensures high QRM suppression performance for the actual signal thanks to the superior YAESU algorithm.
Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
Noise reduction constants can be set at the optimum workstation by varying the 15-step parameters based on the noisy noise within the HF band. The desired signal components are amplified to the maximum and the random components of the noise are effectively eliminated.

The final amplifier delivers a powerful, stable and high quality output signal

Ultimate amplifier with high reliable output signal
The final amplifier, which features two MOS FET RD100HHF1 devices and amplifies in a push-pull configuration with high power levels of 100 W, can play extraordinary high quality signals with minimal distortion and fewer spurious emissions and of other unwanted signals.
It uses a structure that, combined with the printed frame, dissipates the heat generated in the final amplifier section, ensuring high-performance performance of a 1200 cm3 heatsink. Aluminum used for printing has high thermal conductivity and reduces thermal resistance.

The high-speed automatic tuner includes 100 memory channels
The FTDX1200 antenna tuner is digital type with the use of LC switching. It has a very large memory and tuning data is automatically stored in the 100 memory channels

Real sensations of superior intuitive functionality and attractive appearance

Huge TFT color display
The superior layout of the displays is a characteristic of the YAESU transceivers. The efficient display is designed without focusing solely on the aesthetic appearance. This transceiver has a natural feature that, despite the large number of functions, allows you to immediately gain a sense of familiarity with its operation and its displays. The display layout has been thoroughly studied. The most important tools during communication and frequency testing are displayed centrally, with displays of the various transmission and reception functions circled around them. Each element is directly visible and the effects of an operation can be instantly verified visually, allowing maximum concentration, without stress, during long sessions of use.

Graphic display that allows intuitive suppression of QRM

ASC (Automatic Spectrum-Scope Control)
A function of the spectrum analyzer that allows the instantaneous display of signals, their intensity and distribution within a band is supplied as standard. The Spectrum Analyzer brushing feature provides two different modes: the manual, where the bandwidth is performed once the SELECT button is actuated and the ASC mode, in which the bandwidth is performed at predetermined intervals. During the scan, no received audio signal is generated, but it is short about 300 ms, because the scan is performed at very high speed. If the operator quickly switches the main knob to perform a considerable change of frequency in ASC mode, a scan is performed and the display is
updated. This allows frequency tuning during real-time spectrum control. Momentary tuning is interrupted and the reception frequency audio is restored. The band analyzer can be displayed in full screen, simply by pressing the SCOPE button and you can examine the full-screen signal spectrum on the TFT display.

Optional FFT-1 Unit (FFT Unit)

The AF-FFT function of the analyzer shows the AF characteristics of the transmission / reception signal
With the optional FFT-1, the FT-DX1200 has an AFF-FFT (Audio Frequency Fast Fourier Transform) analyzer.

RTTY / PSK31 encoding / decoding function

CW decode function
The FTDX1200 has a morse code decoding function (optional FFT-1 drive is required) that can be used to decrypt and display characters on the TFT screen.

Automatic zero CW firing
You can detect the frequency of the CW signal received (optional FFT-1 is required) and tune the VFO automatically to
coincide the programmed frequency and tone (automatic zero beating).

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