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YAESU FT 857D HF / 50/144 / 430MHz Carrier Transceiver

YAESU FT 857D HF / 50/144 / 430MHz Carrier Transceiver
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YAESU FT 857D HF / 50/144 / 430MHz Carrier Transceiver
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  • Brand: YAESU
  • Model: YAESU FT-857D
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  • EAN: 7438641839346

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YAESU FT 857D HF / 50/144 / 430MHz Carrier Transceiver

The FT-857D with DSP already installed, the evolution of the famous 857, innovative multi mode transceiver that covers all amateur bands HF/VHF/UHF, and that is in addition to covering shortwave bands 160-10 m and 6 m 2 and extends the operation on about 70 cm; works in all modes: SSB. CW, AM, FM and digital, in practice it is the most complete high-performance mobile station. Delivers 100 W from 160 to 6 meters, while about 430 MHz 50 W, 144 are provides output 20 W.
Multi-function LCD screen, backlit colors (ben 32 selectable) has barcode indicators for the level of power output, the voltage ALC, SWR, the supply voltage, the level of modulation and/or signal strength. A set of icons show the working conditions as well as the functions of the operating buttons (A, B, and C). In FT-857D there are sophisticated "features", usually reserved for major appliances for the base station: how double VFO, operation to separate frequencies, digital audio circuitry (for noise reduction, "Notch" automatic and microphone Equalizer), medium frequency shift, "Clarifier" (R.I.T.), "medium frequency" Noise Blanker, AGC automatic fast/slow/selection/squelch and RF gain control, , IPO to improve the point of intercept, RF attenuator input, FM broadcast band reception AM and aviation, VOX, incorporated electronic key with memory, adjustable shade auto spacing for traffic via CW Repeater (ARS), encode and decode CTCSS tones, automatic storage system via circuit ARTS ™, smart search, spectrum Viewer, memory with 200 channels plus HOME and bandwidth limits to which you can attach an alphanumeric label , auto power off (APO), end of transmission timer (TOT), interface with computers and the possibility of cloning.
The FT-857D comes with the following accessories: microphone mic MH-31A8J, MMB-82 mounting bracket, power cable 12VDC.

  • Small size 155x52x233 mm (WxHxD) and weighs 2, 1 kg
  • RF power: 100 Watt HF/50 MHz, 50 Watts, 20 Watts 70 cm
  • Receiving: 76-108 MHz 0.1-118-56 MHz, 420-470MHz, 164MHz,
  • Modes: USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM, Packet (1200/9600Bps)
  • DSP: Band-pass and notch filter, NO microphone Equalizer DSP-2 and installed
  • Optional: 2 kHz COLLINS mechanical filters, (SSB) and 500 or 300 Hz (CW)
  • Removable front panel for remote control (with optional YSK-857)
  • Ctcss and DCS encoder/decoder
  • IF shift
  • IPO (Intercept point optimization)
  • IF Noise Blanker
  • Spectrum scope
  • VOX
  • ARS (Automatic Repeater shift)
  • ARTS ™ (Auto-Range transponder System)
  • Double VFO
  • Multifunction LCD display 32 colours
  • YSK-857 Kit INCLUDED



857 separation Kit YSK bezel INCLUDED

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