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Yaesu FT 2980R 80 Watt FM Transmitter 144 Mhz

The best FT-2980 now with 80 watts of power. No cooling fan is needed, a huge, easy-to-read display, and an access to a WIRES ™ Internet connection is included in the FT-2980R!

CTCSS and DCS Embedded Encoding / Decoding

CTCSS / DCS (Digital Code Squelch) encoders / decoders are embedded to easily access the repeater or silently monitor the busy channels. The CTCSS and DCS configuration data can be stored independently in each memory channel. A Split Tone mode also allows you to operate on systems where CTCSS and DCS are used separately on the uplink / downlink repeater.

Large memory system

The FT-2980R offers a total of 221 memory channels, including 200 "regular" memories, ten pairs of broadband memories, and a "instant" home channel channel that can be devoted to frequent repetition or a simplex frequency . Memories can store information on repeater switch, CTCSS / DCS data, power level, Skip (Skip) and Alpha-Numeric labels.

Alpha-Numeric Channel Display

Memory channels can be displayed with channel frequency or a custom Alpha-Numeric label for easy channel recognition. Up to six letters, characters, or numbers can be used to label the channels.

Internet Connection Network Access Features

The FT-2980R includes a conveniently located "Internet" key for quick access to Internet-connected repeater systems. The Internet Repeater connection allows you to use your FT-2980R to talk to other Amateurs around the world with exceptional voice quality. The "Internet" key can be configured to send a single DTMF digit or DTMF string for operation on a WIRES ™ repeater (Internet Wide-Coverage Repeater) or other Internet-connected repeaters using DTMF tone access. For more information on WIRES ™, visit our Web site (

WX Channels

A special 10-channel time band storage bank is provided in the US version, allowing quick access to NOAA weather transmissions. When the 1050 Hz "Severe Weather" beep sounds, you can configure the FT-2980R to emit an alarm tone to quickly get your attention. With the "Weather Alert" feature enabled, the FT-2980R scans ten weather memories, stopping only if the 1050 Hz signal is received.

Great performance of the receiver

The front end of the FT-2980R receiver is characterized by a remarkable advanced recognition of Yaesu Advanced Track Tuning RF, which offers outstanding protection against intermodulation distortion.

Large LCD display

The large, 6-digit LCD backlit display on the F-2980R guarantees excellent visibility

Strong audio with internal loudspeaker

The FT-2980R composes 3 W BIG watts of Loud Audio with its own internal speaker for those noisy environments.

Now with 80 watts of power

80 watts of solid RF power without the need of cooling fan! There are four selectable power levels: 80/30/10/5 Watt. Power selection can be stored in memory, saving energy while using strong local repeaters.
Included in the shipment is the DTMF MH-48A6JA microphone and a mounting bracket. English manual

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