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From 1 March 2019
6 year warranty for all radio equipment
YAESU while 3 years for KENWOOD and 5 for ICOM distributed in Europe by SM Technology

* For the effective validity of the extension, registration must be made within 30 days of invoice date.


SM TECHNOLOGY, offers a direct service for all the YAESU, KENWOOD, ICOM equipment, and is able to support interventions on all equipment categories, HF / VHF / UHF, portable, vehicle and base radios.

Customers who purchase from SM TECHNOLOGY, benefit from a 6-year warranty on YAESU, ICOM radio equipment and 5-year warranty on KENWOOD equipment in each category and some exclusive advantages.

Register your new radio immediately on the website, enter your data and the information requested, at the end of the procedure you will receive an email confirming your registration that will automatically and free of charge for the following advantages:


6 years warranty on registered transceivers instead of 3 years for the YAESU and ICOM brand.

5 year warranty on registered transceivers instead of 4 years for the KENWOOD brand.

Technical assistance.



The receipt of your package is followed by a manager who verifies the integrity of the product received, the presence of the acceptance form with the relative attachments (necessary condition to proceed with the intervention), verification and correspondence of what was sent with what stated in the acceptance form, the creation of a barcode that will follow and track every step of your radio in the assistance path. After these steps your radio is ready to enter our laboratory, not before sending you an email confirming receipt of the package and entering it in the repair program.



Our laboratory is in direct connection with YAESU ICOM and KENWOOD UK for the solution of the most complex problems, it is also equipped with certified and technologically advanced equipment. The speed in the execution of the interventions is possible thanks to the acquisition of the spare parts from our spare parts warehouse in the UK, where YAESU ICOM and KENWOOD spare parts.



Reached the turn for the intervention a pre-check is carried out in which the general conditions of the radio are verified and the data supplied by the Client are compared, for this we always recommend to write more possible information on the fault and to signal when the cause is possible or the incorrect use that may have caused it.

The technician in charge of the process will classify the intervention and proceed with the solution of the problem and the certification of the intervention itself, according to the precise rules given by the parent company.


In the event that anomalies were found and precisely:

The radio is no longer under warranty.

The intervention to be performed is not covered by the warranty.

The information received does not correspond to what was found.

We will proceed in this way:


The radio is no longer under warranty

If the received radio is no longer covered by warranty because it has expired, during this phase the failure is analyzed and if the cost exceeds 100 euros, the estimate for the repair is communicated to the Customer, the cost of verification to draft the quote is 30.00 euros and will be invoiced only if the customer decides not to proceed. The intervention is therefore postponed and will be rescheduled pending the decision of the Customer.


The intervention to be performed is not covered by the warranty

If the warranty expires for the reasons specified in the rules of the limited warranty Yaesu, Icom and Kenwood the intervention is suspended, the customer is promptly notified and will proceed as in the previous point, unless otherwise agreed with the customer.


The information does not correspond to what was found

Sometimes it may happen that the received radio does not present the defects declared by the Customer. In this case our technical manager will contact the Customer himself to discuss with him, if it is determined that the cause of the problem derives from technical factors external to the radio, for example from plant problems or other.


Service on request

The Customer has the option of requesting, for a fee, a check-out service (verification test operation) that certifies the good functioning of the radio, this service provides a thorough test in RX and TX of the radio with a certificate that shows the values of operation in every way and band. The cost of this service is 50.00 euros plus shipping costs.



The limited warranty is valid only on the continent where the product was originally purchased. Subject to the limitations of the warranty and the warranty procedures described below, YES MUSEN ICOM and KENWOOD JVC hereby warrants that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship in normal use during the "Warranty Period", (the Warranty). limited).


Warranty Limitations YAESU, ICOM, KENWOOD

A. YAESU MUSEN, ICOM, KENWOOD JVC is not responsible for any explicit warranties except for the Limited Warranty described above.

B. The Limited Warranty applies only to the original end purchaser or the person who receives this product as a gift and will not be extended to any other person or transferee.

C. The YAESU warranty period is 3 years starting from the date of retail purchase by the original final purchaser and extended up to 6 years for YAESU and ICOM and 3 years for KENWOOD only for products imported and distributed by SM TECHNOLOGY SRLS, Official Distributor for Europe, which undertakes to comply with the same terms and conditions for the fourth and fifth years following the date of purchase by the original buyer.

D. The limited warranty is valid for all countries of the European continent specifically for all CE marked YAESU ICOM and KENWOOD products.

E. During the warranty period YAESU MUSEN, ICOM, KENWOOD JVC will repair or replace, in its sole discretion, any defective components within a reasonable period of time and free of charge.

F. The Limited Warranty does not cover shipping costs (including transport and insurance) from the customer to our official service center, and / or any taxes, duties or import taxes.

G. The Limited Warranty does not cover any damage caused by tampering, improper use, failure to follow the instructions supplied with the product, unauthorized modifications, or damage to the product caused by various reasons, such as: accident, excessive humidity, lightning, overvoltages or problems arising from atmospheric phenomena, connection to incorrect supply voltage, damage caused by incorrect packing or shipping procedures or loss, damage to / or alteration of stored data, changes to the product to allow its use in other countries, applications other than for which the product was designed and manufactured, approved and authorized, or the repair of products damaged by these modifications.

H. The Limited Warranty applies only to the product as it was at the time of the original purchase, by the retail purchaser and does not preclude any design changes, additions or other improvements in subsequent versions of this product from part of YAESU MUSEN, ICOM, KENWOOD JVC or the imposition of any obligation to modify or alter this product in order to comply with such changes or improvements.

I. YAESU MUSEN, ICOM, KENWOOD JVC assumes no responsibility for any consequential damage caused or arising from any defects in materials or workmanship.

J. To the fullest extent permitted by law, YAESU MUSEN, ICOM, KENWOOD JVC will not be responsible for any implied warranties in connection with this product.

K. If the original retail purchaser promptly fulfills the warranty procedures described below, and YAESU MUSEN, ICOM, KENWOOD JVC chooses to send the purchaser a replacement product instead of repairing the "original product", then the limited warranty will be applied to the replacement product only for the remaining period of the warranty period of the original product.

L. The warranty conditions vary according to the State and the country, so some of the above limitations may not be valid in some state or country.


Other conditions

The maximum responsibility of YAESU MUSEN, ICOM, KENWOOD JVC as well as SM TECHNOLOGY for its period of competence, must not exceed the actual purchase price paid for the radio, in no case do they consider themselves liable for loss, damage or alteration of the data memorized, of special, accidental, consequential or indirect damages, however caused, including, by way of example, the replacement of equipment and assets, and any costs for restoring, rescheduling or reproducing any programs or data stored or used with the radio YAESU ICOM, KENWOOD .

This warranty provides specific rights in relation to other European countries regarding the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or the duration of the implied warranty.

The limited warranty is considered void in the event of removal or damage to the label on the radio with the serial number.


SM TECHNOLOGY Warranty Procedures

The SM TECHNOLOGY Service Center operates throughout the European territory. It is possible to send or deliver the YAESU, ICOM, KENWOOD equipment by fully completing the repair acceptance form available on the website, in the specific "Technical Assistance" section. In addition to a copy of the acceptance form, a copy of the purchase tax document issued by the Distributor must be attached.

In case of shipment, the radio must be sent at your own expense to the following address:

Via Filisto, 29
96100 Syracuse (SR) - ITALY
Tel. +39 09311756622 

SM TECHNOLOGY will return the repaired product to the original purchaser free of charge.

For those who purchase a radio from SM TECHNOLOGY SRL, from 01 March 2019, after registering on the site, once registration has been completed and confirmed, they will benefit from a free extension by SM TECHNOLOGY of their own radio warranty purchased for another 3 years, thus bringing the warranty from 3 to 6 years for the YAESU E ICOM brand while from 4 to 6 years for the KENWOOD brand.


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