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l Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range, more commonly known as VOR, is an aircraft radio navigation system; Since 1949, ICAO has defined it as a standard for short- and medium-range navigation, replacing low-frequency four-arm radio paths.
A VOR ground station, also called a beacon, transmits VHF radio waves that are picked up by an on-board receiver that processes them and provides useful information to the pilot to understand its position with respect to the beacon.
The signal sent indicates both the station identifier (in Morse code) and the location of the aircraft relative to the latter in reference to the magnetic North, thus indicating to the pilot its detection with respect to the station. Using the radial system - distance, you can get the position on the radial compared to the VOR of the aircraft. Many ground stations are also equipped with the DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) which allows the receiver to measure its distance from the broadcaster.
 technical characteristics Type Diamond A-1430S7 Gain 2 m 7.5 DBI Gain 70 cm 9.3 DBI F/B ratio 2 m > 11.5 DB F/B ratio 70 cm > 8 DB ..
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DIAMOND V-2000 Vertical antenna 50Mhz 144Mhz 430 MHzThe most complete line of antennas from the base, with superior technical and mechanical features, such as D.J.S. Direct Joint System. With this mark, antennas are marked with a direct junction system that confers, in addition to external prote..
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DIAMOND X-200N Vertical Antenna vhf-uhf 144 Mhz and 430 MhzDescription:- Maximum power: 200 watts - Connector: "N" - Gain: 7dB (144MHz), 8dB (430MHz) -Impeachment: 50 Ohm - S.W.R.: 1.5 - Weight: 1.2kg. - Wave length: 5/8 (144MHz), 5/8 (430MHz) - Height: 2.5 meters..
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DIAMOND X 30 Vertical antenna 144 Mhz 430 MHz
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DIAMOND X-30N Vertical antenna 144 Mhz 430 MHzFrequency range:2m 70cmGain2m:3.0 dB70cm:5.5 dBStacking2m:1/270cm:2 x 5/8Connector: NPower Max:150 WLength:1.3mWind speed:210km/h..
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The most complete line of antennas from base, with superior mechanical characteristics, like D.J.S. Direct Joint System. Under this brand are reported the antennas with a direct joint system that gives, besides the external protection, a solid structure as for systems consist of a single element. Th..
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Vertical antenna VHF UHF 144 mhz 430 MhzDescription:- Maximum power: 200W - Connector: "N" - Gain: 8.3 dB (144MHz), 11.3 dB (430MHz) - Impeachment: 50 Ohm - S.W.R.: 1.5 - Weight: 2 kg - Wave length: 3 x 5/8 (144MHz), 8 x 5/8 (430MHz) - Height: 5.2 meters..
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DIAMOND X 7000 144 Mhz 430 Mhz 1200 Mhz vertical Antenna
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DIAMOND X-7000 144 Mhz 430 Mhz 1200 Mhz vertical AntennaDescription:- power: 100 Watts 144/430/1200 MHz- Connector: "N"- gain: 8.3 dB (144MHz), 11.7 dB (430MHz), 13.7 (1200MHz)- impedance: 50 Ohm- S.W.R.: 1.5- weight: 2.2 Kg- Length of wave: 3 x 5/8 (144 MHz), 5 x 5/8 x 6 5/8 (430 MH..
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2 elements HB9CV antenna for 6 m of DIAMOND, compact and high gain. Model: A-502HBR/HB9CV Frequesnza range: 50-53 MHz Connector: PL connector Max power (PEP SSB): 400 Watt Bandwidth: CA. 2 MHz (SWR < 1.5:1) Max. vel.del wind: 144 ..
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Diamond BC 200: 430 to 490 MHz with cutting diagramFeaturesLength: 1.7mWeight: 0.9 kgGain: 6.5 dBMaximum nominal power: 200 WImpetuous: 50 ohmVSWR: Less than 1.5: 1Nominal wind speed: 60 m sec.Accepted tree diameter: 30-62 mmConnector: NType: omnidirectional 3 plus 5 / 8, FRP outershel..
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Vertical biband antenna without radials- Maximum power: 150 watts- Connector: "N"- Gain: 2.15 dB (144MHz), 5.5 dB (430MHz)- Impetuousness: 50 Ohm- S.W.R.: 1.5- Weight: 700 grams- Wave length: 1/2 (144MHz), 5/8 (430MHz)- Height: 1.3 meters...
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DIAMOND VX4000 fixed base antenna 144 430 1200MHz
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Lunghezza: 1.3mPeso: 0.7kgGuadagno: 2.6dBi (144MHz), 5.8dBi (430MHz), 9.2dBi (1200MHz)Potenza massima: 100W FM (totale)Impedenza: 50ohmsVSWR: Meno di 1,5: 1Velocità del vento nominale: 60m / sec. /Diametro albero accettato: 30mm a 62mmConnettore: NJ..
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Vertical antenna vhf-uhf 144 Mhz and 430 Mhz Special Features: Fiberglass radomesOverlapping outer shells for added strengthStrong waterproof joint couplingsStainless steel hardwareWide band performanceAdjusted factory – no tun..
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