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telegraph keys Analog and Digital

Analog and Digital Telegraph Keys of various brands yaesu, mfj, begali and kent.

The telegraph key is the tool by which the telegraph operator sent pulses from the transmission station following the Morse code.

Pressing the button for only a moment, you would get a point, pressing it for longer you would get a line, if it was not pressed, the back of the button touched a contact who established a connection with the receiving station which could send a Message.

Today the telegraph button is still used by amateur radios. In the modern form the manipulator, as it is called in jargon, consists of a stick that can be pushed sideways in both senses. If the stick is pushed in one direction, a circuit generates a point, if moved to the other generates a line. In this way the typing speed increases considerably and the duration of points and lines is determined with great precision.

HKA Kent Morse Key Standard Brass Straight Assembled
In Arrival
Brand: KENT
Low profile button KENT is made of brass with design criteria. Sealed bearings and silver contacts assure many years of operation without problems. Locking screws allow individual adjustments to the height of the boom, the tension and the space between the contacts. -Skid feet.Provided or complketam..
Ex Tax:€108.24
MFJ 464 Morse keyer and decoder MFJ 464 Morse keyer and decoder
In Arrival
Brand: MFJ
You're a little rusty with the CW? Rested and put this small and portable equipment MFJ Morse Code/CW Reader near the speaker of your receiver. So try Morse signals while will scroll the LCD display. Require no cables, no computer, no skins, no other apparatus or equipment! Use it as a backup in cas..
Ex Tax:€212.30
TELEGRAPH KEY Bencher Morse HexKey
Available from November 2016
NewMorse key of a new dimension! The proven and reliable mechanics of the traditional Bencher keys has been improved with the HexKey by using magnets for the release force adjustment. Each paddle side (dot, dash) can be adjusted individually in it's force. Despite the robust mechanics the key can ..
Ex Tax:€318.97
Brand: microHAM
CW-KEYER ™ is a powerful CW USB interface / memory keyer based on the WinKey chip and micro KEYER designed by K1EL. CW Keyer ™ is characterized by the performance of the control panel of the original microKEYER and USB in a small and portable container.CW-KEYER ™ uses a single USB port and can be ..
Ex Tax:€110.70
Brand: CG Antenna
Pocket CW keyer.8 to 50 WPM speed wrench, adjustable font adjustable weighting repeat delay.Four memory slots with space for a total of 120 characters, each available by individual buttons. Programming is done via paddle. 3.5 mm jack connector. 1 m cable radio, built-in sidetone (can ..
Ex Tax:€38.54
Cw Keyer Tiny
Not available
Brand: microHAM
Morse keyer for keyboards of PCs Microprocessor-controlled unit lets you send morse signals with any PC keyboard (PS/2). Many features are available with embedded software. ES ... memoirs, loops, contest sequence numbers, beacon id etc. Works without PC, requires from 7 to 15 V DC. Absorbed power. ..
Ex Tax:€36.08
Kent KT1 vertical telegraph key Kent KT1 vertical telegraph key
In Arrival
Brand: KENT
Professional brass key and steel base, black bearings, gold-plated contacts...
Ex Tax:€108.24
Kent Paddle paddle
Not available
Brand: KENT
Precision brass paddle constructed with treated steel black. Sealed bearings and silver contacts along with adjusting screws with fine threads provide many years of operation without any problem.ASSEMBLED..
Ex Tax:€121.11
Kent Single Paddle
In Arrival
Brand: KENT
Similar to paddle with double pallet but without ' squeeze '-keying ...ASSEMBLED..
Ex Tax:€105.78
MFJ 434B Voice Keyer
In Arrival
Brand: MFJ
Let this Contest Voice Keyer MFJ microprocessor controlled call CQ, send your call and maintains trade relationship in contest for you with your natural voice! Stores most common phrases as CQ Contest this is DA0HQ, You re 59 ... QTH is Ilmenau and beyond! Make contest pressing a few buttons while s..
Ex Tax:€205.00
Brand: MFJ
Adjust the spaces voltage/contact.Self regulating nylon/steel roller bearings.the machine frame, non-slip feet, heavy base.MFJ-564..
Ex Tax:€97.54
MFJ CW Memory Keyer 495
In Arrival
Brand: MFJ
The MFJ-495 has a manipulator can connect to a paddle, a keyboard of a computer or a PC. Characters saved can be repeated continuously. You can add additional pause in which the manipulator serial numbers or insert commands. The result is a two-line LCD display well read. The output speed and volume..
Ex Tax:€184.43
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