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Tarheel Antennas

Frequency range 7-54 MHz, 200 W PEP, 1.25 m length max.The smallest of the family, total length max 1.25 m baseless.Depending on the mounting location on the vehicle, you may also be able to enter the garage without taking it apart but only without the band 80 m due to the length of the stylus a..
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When you use a capacitive hat, you can shorten the antenna. With a stylus from 80 cm and a capacitive hat, you can have the same efficiency of a stylus along 180 cm. It is also possible to use capacitive hat and a stylus along to achieve better efficiency, specifically on low bands. The hat is made ..
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The kit is included in the M-200 / M-300 hubs, and consists of:MT-1 mast / car mount incl. KD-T Quick Disconnect 7m coaxial cable with PL connectors Coax-seal..
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Tarheel antennas are HF mobile antennas, using an integrated engine and cover the entire shortwave band. The cylindrical shape, weather-lower part contains a large reel and the 12V motor. With the big coil these antennas have an efficiency much higher than comparable thin long antennae, like a disad..
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Frequency range 3.5-54 MHz, 200W PEP, max. 1 length, 37mThe model most often required, used when the larger antennas are just that-too big. The bottom section is just 40 cm long and 4 cm wide, the stainless steel has a length of 80 centimeters. This makes this dish very suitable for small machin..
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The massive stainless steel plate (6 mm) is created to be used on the same pole where the antenna is installed. Maximum diameter of pole: 35 mm. The plate has a diameter of 23 cm and offers 20 screw terminals for wires of radials. Included in the shipment there are 10 long radial 275 cm. each.It i..
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Semi automatic control unit SDC 102
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SDC-102 is a semi-automatic control unit for motorized screwdriver antennas (not just the Tarheel models). Offers 10 freely programmable memories on each antenna position. By pressing a button brings up the location.Along with memories include the classics up/down buttons to move the antenna freel..
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TARGETuner fully automatic control unit for Tarheel M200A HP and Little Tarheel II
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Finally the Tarheel antennas can be tuned automatically. The TARGETuner using an RF sensor for the SWR in the transmission mode, and switch the antenna properly.In the control unit is integrated in intelligent microprocessor which determines the motor speed and direction. Gleichzeitig wird der Ant..
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Antenna MountMount for stationary use or installation on trucks or trailers.Connector PL female, the U-bolt clamp up to 35 mm pipe diameter. Mount/U-bolts/nuts made of stainless steel. Quick Disconnect is included.Consisting of a 3/8 "quick release and a matching insulated fitting with PL..
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Tarheel M 100A HP motorized HF antenna Tarheel M 100A HP motorized HF antenna
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Tarheel antennas are HF mobile antennas, which use an integrated engine and cover the entire short waveband. The cylindrical shape, lower part of the weather contains a large coil and 12V motor. With the big coil these antennas have a very superior efficiency with thin antennas of comparable length,..
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Frequency range -30 1.8 MHz, 250W PEP, 3.6 m length max.The only antenna of this type, which also covers the band 160 m. Of course you will have a hard time winning the competition 160 m with this antenna, but it's still a good compromise, especially when the optional Hat capacity is used for ..
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