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SunSDR MB1PRIME with tuner

SunSDR MB1PRIME with tuner
SunSDR MB1PRIME with tuner
SunSDR MB1PRIME with tuner
SunSDR MB1PRIME with tuner
SunSDR MB1PRIME with tuner
  • Product: Available
  • Brand: SUNSDR
  • Model: MB1PRIMEATU
  • SKU: 793
  • EAN: 7438641847068
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This "Prime" model - the latest development of Expert Electronics is an alternative version and will be available with the MB-1.

The features of this release include the following differences:

- CPU - i7 instead of i5

- RAM - 16 GB instead of 8 GB

- SSD - 525 GB instead of 120 GB


The MB1 DUC / DDC transceiver is a new generation of radio amateurs. The transceiver combines classic design and accumulated many decades with the most advanced DDC / SDR technology - DUC direct conversion and synthesis of radio signals and the complete modern computer with an Intel Core i5 processor. The operator receives a fully functional workstation in one case, which is started by simply pressing a button. All connections can be made with the help of virtual audio cables and COM ports, the connection of the second monitor, mouse, keyboard, and also to control the radio from buttons and push buttons on the front panel of the transceiver.


Many radio amateurs use their PC with the common transceiver. The connection between the two devices is done according to the user's preferences. Someone connects additional USB interfaces, wiring some solder. When there seems to be a question to go to the contest station with the tuned workstation, moving equipment becomes a big deal. In that case it is desirable to have everything in a compact box.The SDR MB1 resolves this problem a lot of trouble!


ATU to Part



  • Uses ADC with 160 MHz sampling rate and 16 bit resolution
  • Two independent stations receive channels with a bandwidth of 312 kHz
  • Record air stations with bandwidth up to 312 kHz and the ability to play at a later time
  • Possibility to receive Nyquist zones up to 800 MHz (additional external filters must be set)
  • Broad band view up to 80 MHz
  • High quality DAC audio with precision bits 24 fro for decelerating signal delays
  • IPS "Qualitative 7 display with resolution of 1280x800
  • Connector for external device control, 8 programmable transistor switches
  • PC interface - 100 Mbps local network
  • 220V supply voltage, current consumption up to 1.5A
  • External oscillator input with 10 MHz frequency
  • Reduced size and light weight, respectively,
  • Software ExpertSDR2 in two variants, for desktop and monoblock
  • Possibility to set any other software for the user

Main features

  • Independent to receive conversion path with Digital (DDC)
  • Отдельный независимый передающий тракт, построенный по принципу прямого цифрового синтеза сигналов (DUC)
  • Independent independent transmission path with Digital Up Conversion (DUC)
  • Full duplex or half duplex mode
  • Работа полным дуплексом или полудуплексом *
  • Two independent reception channels with bandwidth up to 312 kHz and two sub-receivers in each channel.
  • Antenna switch for two HF antennas
  • Connector for external device control, 7 powerful circuit breakers with open collector
  • Connector for connecting 9310 mobile antenna from Stealth Telecom
  • HF bandwidth auto tuner: Available as an option
  • ALC input for external amplifier connection
  • Four PTT programmable outputs for independent external PA control
  • COM port for connecting external devices (power amplifiers, rotators, external PCs etc.)
  • Possibility to insert BPF into HF frontend via RX IN and RX OUT
  • Embedded suboctave band pass filters
  • Opportunities to connect VHF transverter
  • Using transceiver as receiver for measurements
  • Using transceiver as a signal generator (OUT DAC output)
  • The frequency oscillation of 10 MHz reference oscillator
  • Very little delay in CW mode (about 10 msec)
  • Possibility to use the transceiver in SO2R mode
  • Remote Control Opportunities. PTT pedal switch and CW key are connected to the SDR-E-Coder control panel. The headset and the E-Coder panel are connected to the remote PC.

Full duplex mode is supported by transceiver hardware, but software is not yet finished. This mode will be supported in the next releases of the ExpertSDR2 program.

MB1 also has a full-scale computer based on the Intel Core i5 processor, which provides the following opportunities:

  • Install the digital communication software
  • Contest and magazine software
  • Connect two CW Skimmers to two independent reception channels on different bands
  • Possibility to connect transceiver to LAN or WAN Internet
  • Work with internet browser, internet groups and other opportunities (email, Skype, ICQ, TV, etc.) connected to the Internet
  • Viewing and listening to audio and video files
  • Watch TV via USB-TV receivers
  • Possibility to connect external display, mouse and keyboard
  • And many other opportunities limited by your imagination. All this within an MB1 transceiver

Embedded PC parameters

  • Thin Mini-ITX Motherboard Form Factor
  • CPU Intel Core i5 3.0GHz
  • RAM 8GB
  • SSD drive, 128GB
  • 4 USB3.0 ports on the rear panel and 2 USB 2.0 ports on the front panel of the receiver
  • HDMI and DORT for connecting external monitors
  • LAN connector 1Gb

Field of application

  • All functions of radio amateur transceiver
  • Cellular contest-station
  • Remote reception point for races and other applications
  • Spectrum analyzer with bandwidth up to 80MHz
  • Working with external digital connection types, CW skimmer, etc. #


Block diagram


Transceiver MB1 set

Transceiver can have additional options: Internal ATU Tuner (ATU) to accommodate antennas with 50 Ohm transceiver output impedance, integrated WLAN units to connect the LAN transceiver via WLAN wireless interface.


Complete set base:

  • MB1 transceiver

Note: Auto-tuner is not installed in the transceiver

  • LAN cable for external LAN connection
  • Power cord for connecting the transceiver to the AC network
  • Two 6,3 mm Jack Audio Adapters to 3.5 mm Jack for connecting the headphone to the transceiver
  • CD-disc with ExpertSDR2 software. (The software can also be downloaded from our site)

Included in MB-1-ATU shipment

  • MB-1 with built in antenna tuner
  • LAN cable
  • Power supply 240V suppl ADC
  • phone plug 6.3 mm / 3.5mm audio adapter
  • CD-ROM with ExpertSDR2 software

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