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Antenna rotators SPID

The rotors of the same class are medium heavy SPID of HyGain type type G-1000/TailTwister or Yaesu 2800DXC me with advanced digital features. The mechanical complexity is reduced to a minimum by using a double bearing system. The reading of the position is acquired by a solid magnetic reed switch, the ECJ by a resolution of 1 degree.

The controller is complemented by several characteristics, including digital readout, coontrollo software control and an integrated interface for pc (USB). It is able to emulate the rotors Hy-Gain, Yaesu and Orion, and is compatible with almost any software. Easily upgradable dek Controller features make it a plug-in PROM.

The rotors require external power supply 12 ... 24V DC, it is also possible to feed it at 12V for portable use with reduced torque and rotation period fora.

The fastening torque is about 350Nm (3.200 lb-in), with 24. It is significantly larger than any other rotor of the same class and the same price range.

The rotors BIG-RAK and BIG-RAS are characterized by having a very high torque and brake are designed for use with large antenna system.

Thanks to its double worm and the same magnetic sensor models RAK/RAS, the BIG version has the same resolution of 1°.

The new compact rotor RAU is designed for smaller VHF and microwave antenna systems.


General specifications




    • Low-voltage-motor high torque 24VDC (or 12VDC)
    • 12/24 volt version with a twist (RAK/RAS): 366/166 Nm
    • 12/24 volt version with a twist (BIG-RAK/BIG-RAS): 583/903 Nm
    • 360-degree rotation 24/12V version, rotation period: 60/120 sec.
    • silent and powerful self-braking action with double reduction
    • USA cheap cables to 4 conductors
    • sealed switching sensor technology for maximum reliability and resistance to environment
    • Definition of 1 degree-tight tolerance for a minimum stake
    • How can a 12 volt power supply low voltage (typically 2-5 amps), ideal for camping, dxpeditions, and VHF/UHF
    • Designed for large loads if mounted on a trellis
    • Designed for mast fittings from 50 mm (2 ")
    • Also available set of adaptation to accommodate adaltre rotor platforms
    • The coaxial cable can pass into the center of the rotor, thus preventing breakage or damage to the cable.


    Bild SPID Controller

      • Manual, automatic and Programmable, Scanning
      • Digital readout with 1 degree resolution
      • Easy to read Led display green wide
      • Computer interface included serial cable emulation modes, Hygain, Yaesu and Orion
      • Can be reset to zero at any position for correct installation errors or slippage of the antenna
      • Generous overtravel (± 180°) with electronic limits
      • Programmable limits ideal for side mount applications
      • Small front panel to simplify stacking several units takes up less valuable space
      • Optional mouse control with 6 user programmable presets


      Horizontal rotors RAK/BigRAK/RAU

      Bild SPID RAK

      Applicable for simple installations like the yagi or other heavy antennas for shortwave. The mechanical parts are made of steel toothed mechanisms (as shown in the picture) that guarantee a long, continued, and high reliability. The advantage is they can be aligned by eliminating slips that can appear after a long period of use. The surfaces are treated with anti corrosion coatings.

      Technical data

      RAU RAK Bigrak Turning torque [Nm] 130 158-366 [1] 566-> 904 [1] Strength die Brakes [Nm] 1582 2712 Brakes Double Worm Gear Maximum vertical load [kg] 30 250 318 Rotation speed [sec] 60 120-60 [1] Accuracy [°] 1 1 1/0.5 Rotation angle [°] 720 720 720 Weight [kg] 5.7 7 11 Position signals Contact ' Reed ' Low tube diameter [mm] max. 50 50 66 Max pipe diameter above [mm] 50 66 66


      [1] turning torque and torque are voltage dependent period (12-24 V).

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