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Scanner receivers

We have available basic receivers / scanners but also laptops of the best brands

Whether analogue or digital receivers / scanners, this is the category of those who love to listen.

Each receiver / scanner will be matched with the ideal antenna that suits you.

Receiver SDR AirspyAirspy HardwareThe Airspy R2 is one of the best-known SDR receivers on the market. It offers continuous coverage from 24 to 1800 MHz, making it suitable for analyzing and receiving a large number of VHF and UHF signals. To receive the entire HF band (plus medium and long waves) th..
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Alinco DJ X7E Alinco DJ X7E
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The handheld scanner Alinco DJ-X7E is a very compact and lightweight companion for trips and excursions. The receiver covers the range from 100 kHz to 1299.9 MHz with no gaps. The AM FM demodulator, and wide support FM (WFM). 13 different widths allow fine tuning frequency step for any service. A de..
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Alinco DX R8E frequency receiver 150 kHz - 35 MHz USB / LSB / AM / CW / FM
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Features:I/Q signal output allows you to use third party software SDR150 kHz?? ' 35MHz (Model T up to 30MHz) in AM/FM/USB/LSB/CW and IQ modeFront and rear outlets make connecting easy accessoriesDirect frequency entry system with double VFODetachable control panel offers more mounting optionsLarge L..
Ex Tax:€343.44
The mobile discone is a modified design of the desktop discone. The technical data are the same like the desktop version, only the radials were left off and the shaft is shortened. The antenna has become smaller and can now be used on the car roof with the heavy magnetic base. 4m coaxial cable with ..
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Brand: AOR
Receiver for digital and analog voice signals-100 kHz 18MHz: direct conversion-18MHz ~ 1300MHz: triple superheterodyneExcellent spurious and image rejection ultra-low thanks to the internal 1 ^ I.F. to 1,705 GHz100 kHz-wide band-decoding digital voice signals 1300MHz."All-mode" receive analog signal..
Ex Tax:€1,287.37
Brand: Boni-Whip
The Boni-Whip Active Antenna replaces the Mini-Whip antenna that has made a great deal of success. Despite its small size (approx. 17 cm in length), but excellent for long, medium, short waves, and even for VHF bands up to 300 MHz, this form of summer antenna we developed and produced with a true "M..
Ex Tax:€86.10
3-way AAS-300 Antenasplitter up to 300 MHzThe AAS-300 antenna splitter can distribute the signal of a receiving antenna to a maximum of 3 recipients. About low noise, the broadband broadband signal amplifier is fixed to internal division without mutual interference. The antenna splitter is powered..
Ex Tax:€205.00
The DX-Patrol is a Software Defined Radio Receiver (SDR) with a wide range of reception frequency. In contrast to the usual convenient USB stick DVB-T receiver has an additional converter for shortwave. This is the reason for the wide frequency range from 100 kHz to 2000MHz. Additional bandfilters a..
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Brand: ELAD
ASA-15: HF splitter antenna up to 70 MHz.The ASA-15 splitter antenna distributes the signal of a receiving antenna up to five different receivers. Each of these can use an individual amplifier with a gain of up to 12 dB. In addition, a 15 dB attenuator is integrated on the input to attenuate signa..
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Brand: ELAD
 After the huge success of the transceiver FDM-DUO the manufacturer now offers the "R" as a receiver-as expected from Elad in Italian design, elegant and equipped with high technology.The FDM-DUO-R is a shortwave receiver that uses state-of-the-art technology SDR, but which can be..
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Brand: ELAD
Elad TM-2 Console for SDR ReceiversThe TM-2 is a control unit for various SDR programs. It offers the operational comfort of a traditional radio combined with the modern technology of an SDR.The TM-2 control unit (formerly known as TMATE-2) is connected to the computer via a USB cable. Depending on ..
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Expert Electronics Colibri-NANO SDR Rx Expert Electronics Colibri-NANO SDR Rx
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The Colibri-NANO USB stick is a powerful direct-sampled SDR receiver. The range of frequencies ranges from 9 kHz to 55 MHz. The AD converter has 14-bit depth, which results in an excellent BDR of 110 dB. The sampling rate of 122 MHz, combined with the anti-aliasing filter, allows direct sampling rec..
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