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RM Italy BLA 350 300W Transistor Amplifier for HF

RM Italy BLA 350 300W Transistor Amplifier for HF
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RM Italy BLA 350 300W Transistor Amplifier for HF
  • Product: Out of production
  • Brand: RM Italy
  • Model: BLA-350
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  • EAN: 7438641839407
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Unlike too many other 12V amplifiers, the BLA-350 is a stationary amplifier. It covers all 1.5 to 30MHz HF bands in all operating modes (SSB, CW, AM, FM) and is particularly suitable for QRP devices such as FT-817, IC-703 etc. but also to gain more power in output from the 100W class transceivers, which will have to be operated with a lower output power.

The low-pass filter offers a good level of harmonic suppression. Of course, the amplifier does not need pre-heating, and with the exception of the band selection, no tuning operation is required. The maximum power is 300W, with a maximum input power of 14W when the input attenuator is switched on. An LC Display shows various operating parameters.

The BLA-350 amplifier incorporates the control of the ALC and an input PTT input to connect with the transceiver but it must also be operated by the VOX. Coaxial connectors are SO-239 (female PL). The power supply is compatible for use with input voltages of 200 to 250 V AC. Various protection circuits allow you to operate smoothly: Automatic shutdown when ROS is too high or when the temperature is too high.

Additional technical data

Frequency 1.5-30MHz

Power supply 110 or 230/240 Vac

Power consumption 800 A

Input power 1-14 W

Output power 250 - 300 W

All Mode

Fuse 4 A

Output power level 2

Dimensions 155x355x270 mm

Weight 13 kg


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