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The Alexloop is a compact and portable antenna for bands from 7 to 30 metres, ideal for radio amateurs with limited space or for your vacation or trips. This loop ultralight assembles in seconds without tools and can be tuned with the tuner included. The S-meter of the radio helps to tune this anten..
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Alpha Antenna LT-FMJ HF Portable Antenna 10-80m
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The Alpha LT-FMJ HF antenna fits into a 16-inch field bag included. This pre-tuned multipurpose antenna does not require moving clips on the coils or whip adjustment for fine-tuning. You can also use an external antenna tuner if the antenna is installed on poor ground or is not located in a fr..
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BTV MLA-M V.5 magnetic loop antenna for 80-10m laptop use including 60m BTV MLA-M V.5 magnetic loop antenna for 80-10m laptop use including 60m
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Brand: BTV
MLA-M is a portable magnetic antenna for QRP operations. This rugged antenna has a diameter of 60 cm and can handle up to 10 watts. The box contains the tuning circuit.The frequency range is selected by two jumpers on the top of the box. A jumper is responsible for the operation on 80 m, while the..
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The Buddipole is a professionally constructed portable antenna for 40 to 2m which has found a huge popularity worldwide. The exceptionally good quality and care of details make this antenna an ideal companion for vacations and other portable activities. The transport length of the dipole is only 56c..
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Brand: ELAD
FDM-DUO is a DSP transceiver that offers the possibility to operate stand-alone as traditional radio or connected to a personal computer to discover the opportunities offered by technologies SDR.Stand-alone due June 6, 2014 specificationsRX:Freqency range: 10 kHz-54MHz122.88 MHz ADC sampling..
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HB9CV portable antenna 144 HB9CV portable antenna 144
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backpacker KitHB9CV antennas are so used to ' direction finding ' or as small laptops. With the project HB9CV, both elements are fed in phase difference, obtaining so a relatively high profits of about 5.5 dBBD. All the models are chromed HB9CV or nickelati...
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ICOM IC 705 four-band transceiver for QRP ICOM IC 705 four-band transceiver for QRP
Brand: ICOM
IC-705 is a QRP portable transceiver that supports all operating modes on shortwave bands plus 2m and 70cm. D-Star is integrated.The IC-705 uses the same easy-to-use SDR technology as the IC-7300 and IC-9700. The color display is the same size as its larger relatives - 4.3" diagonally. The display a..
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Icom LC-192 backpack for transport IC-705
Brand: ICOM
The LC-192 backpack was designed specifically for the Icom IC-705, but of course it can also be used with other radios. At the top there is a separate radio compartment, at the bottom there is a large compartment with its own door for accessories, batteries, cables, etc. An arbitrarily adjustable di..
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Brand: MFJ
Small, lightweight antenna for restricted spaces and portable, works from 40 to 10 m and 2 m. Usable anywhere, on the balcony, the window on the camper ... Back measuring only 1.4 kg in weight, nestable 57cms even in checked baggage by air. The antenna consists of a telescopic stainless steel part...
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Brand: MFJ
MFJ 1979 open height 5 m telescopic Antenna, resonant to 20 m, stainless steel, 3/8 "length attack all closed 60/70 cm..
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Brand: MFJ
The vertical antenna MFJ-2286 consists of a 5 m stainless steel telescope and a load coil with variable taps. Due to the large length of the bobbin and high-Q coil, the resulting vertical antenna has high efficiency while remaining easily portable and with a low weight. The length of the transport i..
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Mini Buddipole
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By popular demand W3FF has taken the standard Buddipole™ and made it more compact. Now you can get the same quality and performance as the standard Buddipole™ in a compact package that measures only 33cm in length.The difference here is that the 2 longer arms (56cm each) of the standard Buddipole ha..
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