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Power splitter coaxial

Power splitter coaxial
Power splitter coaxial
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Coupling of two or four antennas via coaxial power splitters. The power splitter has a near-lossless transformer to adapt the 12.5 or 25 Ω to 50 Ω antenna parallel to required. Phase adapter is needed to get the circular polarization in a crossed yagi or X-Quad. The speed modulation gearbox is placed directly below the antenna and consists of various lengths of coaxial cables with different impedances; so phase correction ensures correct polarization and makes the system the correct impedance of 50 Ω. (Note: requires one power line).
A disadvantage of this solution is the fact that the antenna polarization is set right (RHCP) and you can't change. To change the polarisation can be used a polarization polarisation switchbox ' or our remote control switch. When you use the ' polarization between the two cables must be laid switchbox's shack and the antenna. A short cable connects the radi al box; the knob to change the polarization manually. The new remote polarization switch is mounted directly in the antenna feed point or at least close. The remote box is connected to the radio via a coaxial cable and requires a 4-conductor cable for connection to the control box. This setup allows you to operate with crossed yagi and X-quads in circular polarization as horizontal/vertical manner. With our remote commutaore it is possible only one cable co is capitally important economically four independent antennas.

To pair 2, 4 or 8 identical antennas.

The containers are brass and copper to prevent corrosion and the screws and bolts.

Color: black.

Long version for use with H-shaped antennas to avoid tangle of cables.

The power splitter is installed horizontally in the center of the "H"; the feed lines to the antennas are attached symmetrically.

The new ' Power dividers for 5 GHz WLAN and radio amateurs, are available for the whole gang from 5 to 6 GHz/ 2000W.

Available for 2, 3 or 4 antenna connections, all connections are of type N female.

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