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OM Power remote control OM4000A

OM Power remote control OM4000A
OM Power remote control OM4000A
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  • Brand: OM-Power
  • Model: OM-4000A
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Remote Control extends the possibilities of using the OM4000 A up to 10 meters away from its operating position. When necessary, you can also connect the remote control unit to the LAN and control it using a special software (which is not part of this package) for unlimited distance.


- OM4000A Remote Control;
- Power supply 230V / 12V, 600mA;
- Patch Patch Lead 10m to Connect Remote Control with OM4000A PA;


- ON / OFF: Standard ON / OFF switch. The state is indicated by a green LED on the switch;

- OPERATION: button controls the PA state of operation. When I have noperating green LED mode is the lid;

- POWER: Power LED indicates power connection. 12V / 500mA;

- FAULT: Red LED error indicates PA fault. It will cover any condition of failure !;

- WAITING: yellow LED indicates PA State Stadby;

- TUNE: Yellow LED will be the cover if PI tuning circuitry indicates that additional setup is required;

- GRID: Indicates 2nd protection grid. Triggered if the security screen has been reached);

- SWR: Yellow LED will indicate excessive reflected power on the PA antenna jack;

- DRIVE: will be cover if the maximum unit power has been exceeded;

- POWER OUTPUT: 30 segment bar graph will indicate peak output power - Wires: standard RJ45 connector - LAN interface for remote access;

- ON: General Switch ON / OFF. (Supply off 12V per cut per unit);

- DC 12V: power jack (5.5 / 2.1) for supplying 12 V / 600 mA;

- CAL: calibration potentiometer (if necessary to synchronize bar graph with bar graph on OM4000A);

- PA: socket for direct connection to OM4000A PA;


WARNING: Please pay close attention to not using PA socket as a LAN socket as malfunced voltages could damage Ethernet devices such as switches, PCs, etc. Use only 10m cord supplied to connect PA with remote control.



The remote control unit must be properly grounded! Connect the screw on the back panel of the box to the local earthing system with a copper cable; use a section of 4 mm2 at least. Connect the transceiver and amplifier to the same earthing system of your cabin carefully. If you are using a higher output power amplifier, you need to be aware that the grounding system works properly. All parts must be grounded on the same system. Use short cables and make sure there are good contacts! Otherwise there is a risk of damage to the equipment, having problems with TVI / BCI or the signal may be distorted.


- Connect units with the OM 4000A PA using the supplied cable;

- 12V DC supply voltage to the power supply via the supplied power supply;

- Verify that the green POWER LED and the yellow STBY LED are both cover. There must be no connection fault will be indicated by sequenced POWER and flashing STBY and the status of the spies will be covered constantly;

- Turn on the PA to use the ON button. tube heating process will begin. This will be indicated by the LED on the green ON button and the flashing of the four LEDs (TUNE, GRID, SWR, DRIVE) (wait LED will also be a cover on the PA front panel);

- After the PA heating process is now ready to be transformed into operating mode using the OPERATE button. Use the same switch to enter STBY / use (it works as zero reset must have occurred);



Remote unit interface to the LAN via XPORT made by Lantronix (type XP1001000-05R). More information is available at

XPORT's factory settings are:

- IP address : (first series can be:;
- Mask :;
- Gateway :;

These are the default settings strictly. You can edit any of these by going to the XPORT GUI web through your web browser. It is advisable not to change other parameters of the XPORT interface the loss of communication can be caused by this way. There is no user name or default password. We strongly recommend that you provide a web interface with username and password.

For remote control and monitoring on a special LAN software is required. It is available for free; can be downloaded from the following address:

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