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MOSLEY TA 53M 10 12 15 17 20 Meters Directive 4 elements

MOSLEY TA 53M 10 12 15 17 20 Meters Directive 4 elements
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MOSLEY TA 53M 10 12 15 17 20 Meters Directive 4 elements
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The TA-53M has been developed for those amateur radio operators who seek a directive 4 Items 5 bands that occupy little space.

The development criteria are:

  • One power line
  • A true broadband antenna that works well with solid state amplifiers.
  • An antenna as as Smal Las possible for 5 bands.
  • Designed to have a very good gain about 5 bands and with a boom of 4.3 m
  • Minimum influence three antenna elements because of the narrow space between them.
  • An antenna that withstands harsh weather conditions.

We think we can do that. If you accept a slight deterioration of the front-to-back ratio, which went from having only one Director and a reflector.

This is the antenna for the radio amateur asking one antenna for all purposes. The TA-53M is equal if not better with other three directives with 4.3 m boom, better in relation to the bandwidth, the construction and the ratio SWR.

Although we think of the TA-53M light and small, it's heavy Mosley TA-33M and pou is up to twice as heavy competing antennas supplied by other manufacturers. The reason for this is a very robust construction. At the beginning the TA-53M was designed as a lightweight antenna for military and commercial purposes.
The TA-53M can be extended to 30 and 40. The extension kit for 40 it's TA-40KR, that for 30 m on TA-30KR.


6 m Extension Kit for TA-53M

This kit extends the TA-53M to a 3-element/6 m antenna. 6.9 dBD gain on 6 m. No more need for a separate 6 m beam!



Technical data: 10 Metri7 12 Metri7 .1 .9 dBD Gain dBD .7 .9 15 Metri6 20 Metri6 17 Metri6 dBD dBD .5 dBD

Front/Back ratio Metri16 Metri15 Metri13 10 Metri10 dB Metri12 dB20 dB17 dB12 dB15

Max Power kWSSB2 .5 .5 kW CW1.

Coupling system "Q" Match SWR: 1 to 1:1.6:1.0

Boom length 4.3 m

Turning radius 4.6 m

Mast diameter 50 mm

Max Elementlänge: 8.1 m

Weight (approx.) : 24.8 kg

Antenna surface 0.62 m ²

Charge to the wind (at 125 mph) 710 N

Shipping weight 27.7 kg

Other Mosley First!
Three active elements each on 20 m, 15 m, 17 m, than 12 m and 10 m. Excellent performance on all bands!
Are not necessary calibrations, shipped with pre-drilled holes, with stainless steel fasteners. and assurance Mosley.

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