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microHAM Station master

microHAM Station master
microHAM Station master
  • Product: Available
  • Brand: microHAM
  • Model: MICRO-SM
  • SKU: 881
  • EAN: 7438641847921
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The microHAM Station is the successor to the popular Band-Decoder and offers many additional features. With the Station you integrate many devices of your cabin: automatic switching of the antenna with freely programmable band decoder, direction of the rotator controlled by the computer, CAT control of your radio, switching of band-pass filters, a sequencer for amplifiers and, last but not less important, integration of your SteppIR antenna. With the iLink connection you can further integrate your existing audio interface with microHAM: it works with Micro-Keyer, Micro-Keyer2, Digi-keyer, Micro-Keyer2R (+) etc.

Most control functions are derived from frequency and PTT information. This offers 20 frequency-dependent output switches to control an antenna switch (for example). Some antennas can be declared as receiving only the antenna, the Station will block transmission on these antennas. A freely programmable sequencer is also available, for example to control the delayed switching of preamplifiers or amplifiers.

The intelligent rotor control allows almost all manufacturers and rotor types to be used. The position information can be an analog voltage (eg Yaesu, Hy-Gain) or a digital pulse (eg SPID). Depending on the band and the individual configuration, the antenna switches on automatically, for example after entering only the prefix of a call or a locator (depending on the register program).

Several fixed antennas can be grouped into a "virtual rotr", selecting the right antenna according to the destination. This can be used with antennas such as 4-Squares or Beverages.

If a SteppIR or Ultrabeam antenna is used, it can also be controlled by the station. This has several advantages. A SteppIR antenna directly coupled to the transceiver will follow every frequency change, even when another antenna is in use. The station transmits the control information to the variable antenna only if the antenna is active too. Another advantage is that it is possible to compensate large deviations, the antenna does not tune again between Tx and Rx.

With clearly arranged station controls, virtually all functions can be controlled from the front panel. This makes the operation independent of a computer, provided the band limits and the configuration have been programmed once before.

The integrated CAT interface allows almost all the radios to be connected to the computer and to the registry software. The existing microHAM interfaces can be integrated with the iLink port. The required "iLink" cable (both 6D MiniDIN and 1: 1 sides) is included in the shipment. Complete a 10 optional MK-KEYPAD keyboard keys, see below.

Station features

  • General
  • Programmable controller for antenna, BPF, rotor and PA
  • Twenty (20) programmable relay outputs
  • Integrated level converter for the control port of the transceiver computer
  • It decodes all frequencies of the connected transceiver, including 75m, 6m, VHF and UHF
  • Unlimited number of bands of custom frequency segments defined ??
  • Single USB connection to the computer
  • Autonomous operation
  • Internal rotator control
  • Virtual Rotators function
  • Separate RX / TX antenna support
  • Automatic antenna scan function
  • Separate programmable sequencer up to 20 outputs
  • Automatic support of the power amplifier
  • Fully compatible and simple integrated with microHAM 'keyers ?? MK, DK, CK, MKII and MK2R
  • SteppIR owner support for automatic tuning and protection
  • Hot Switch protection with user-defined timing
  • TX Inhibits support for Yaesu transceivers
  • Receive only support for antennas
  • Optical isolation from the computer
  • PS / 2 keyboard or keyboard with double control of Station and microHAM 'keyer ??
  • Inductors and integrated filters for maximum RFI immunity
  • Metal / aluminum case, powder-coated and screen-printed
  • Free, no Internet time limit firmware / software update
  • CAT control
  • Integrated level converter for CI-V, FIF-232, IF-232 or RS-232
  • Up to 57600 Baud with false handshake support
  • It supports most of Elecraft, Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec, Yaesu and other radios
  • Antenna control (Port A):
  • Ten (10) programmable relay outputs
  • Configurable power for common
    • land
    • 13.8 V positive
    • external power supply, max. + 24V
  • Compatible with all remote antenna switches that use common grounding or positive control
  • Additional antennas or BPF control (port B):
  • Six (6) programmable relay outputs
  • Configurable power for common
    • land
    • 13.8 V positive
    • external power supply, max. + 24V
  • Compatible with all automatic BPFs on the market
  • RX and TX Sequencer antennas (Port B):
  • Four (4) programmable relay outputs
  • Both poles of the relay contact are available
  • Independent delay and queue delay settings for each sequencer output
  • Internal rotator control:
  • Three (3) programmable relay outputs
  • Both poles of the relay contact are available
  • Configurable support for BRAKE or SPEED control
  • Support for multiturn rotators
  • Rotator mount with analogue azimuth (pot) or discrete (pulse) reading
  • Programmable software limit switches
  • Definition of the dead zone
  • Choice of the objective search strategy for optimal management
  • Support for slippage ?? rotator
  • Four memories for the most sought after azimuths
  • Automatic control of azimuth from the recorder
  • Virtual rotator control:
  • The unlimited number of antennas can be combined with Virtual Rotator
  • Programmable azimuth ranges for each Virtual Rotator antenna
  • Automatic control of azimuth from the recorder
  • Unlimited number of virtual rotators per band
  • Power amplifier control:
  • Automatic tuning for CI-V controlled automatic amplifiers (Icom PW1, Expert SPE, Tokyo Hy-Power)
  • Automatic band switching for BCD-controlled amplifiers (Yaesu VL-1000, FL-7000)
  • Support for QSK power amplifiers
  • Weight and size:
  • Weight 950 g
  • 230 x 130 x 45 mm (without protruding parts)

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