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microham SMΩRF

microham SMΩRF
microham SMΩRF
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SMΩRF ™ is a powerful and precise vector scope of RF signals. Its accuracy is able to rival the best professional tools available in the market today. Has lots of extra features and a high level of user customization to suit the needs of each operator.

A 1.8-54 MHz 3 CHF-SENSOR, power 3kW

SMΩRF ™ connects via a remote sensor to coaxial line where passes the RF signal to be measured. Available in different models, for power levels up to 15kW and 1.8 MHz frequency up to 500 MHz, SMΩRF ™ can measure simultaneously two independent signals through the use of two separate sensors, showing the results of the measurements on the front panel or on your computer station.
HF + 6 m sensors come in three models in relation to the maximum power being measured: 3KW, 6KW (1.8-54MHz) and 15KW (1.8-30MHz) of maximum power supported.
VHF/UHF sensors (70-500 MHz) are available in two models to 2KW and 4KW power supported.
All sensors provide measurements illustrations of signals intercepted.
SMΩRF ™ is not only a tool of the station, but is an easily accessible remotely via the internet. Using a native port Ethernet IEEE 802.3 can provide all its measurements directly to your remote pc, tablet or smartphone via LAN or the Internet without a computer. For remote connectivity are offered for free, using TCP protocols free, high speed applications for remote control with Windows operating systems and OS-X, while it's easy to access the maintenance menu from the web browser or via VNC (Windows, OS-X, Linux, Android, iOS) due to internal HTTP address and a VNC server.
Each SMΩRF ™ tool, each and every cable connection with sensors, is individually calibrated regularly calibrated instruments (ISO/IEC17025, NIST traceable), using a computer specially calibrated in our laboratory. The SMΩRF ™ and its specific sensor have the ability to maintain the calibration data in their memory and each connecting cable with the unit is supplied with a calibration certificate, bearing the calibration table. Changing or adding new sensor does not require recalibration by the user or factory. In addition, the SMΩRF ™ comes with a custom calibration process if sensor cables supplied are not long enough for your needs, without any need to make a change to factory calibration. In this way it will always be guaranteed its accuracy.

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