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Microham microKeyer 2R

Microham microKeyer 2R
Microham microKeyer 2R
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  • Model: MICRO-2R
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And once again-all in one controller, but now for two radios! The ideal device for all demanding radio amateurs who have more than one radio. Is also particularly suitable for operations in Single-Op/2 Radios (SO2R) during the contest.

Mk2r + ™ is the most powerful all-in-One multi-mode controller for two radios for CW, SSB, AM, FM, and digital modes (RTTY, PSK31, SSTV and many others) designed for the serious DXer contest or operators with two transceivers. Microkeyer 2R includes the interface to control your rig to support two radios (Elecraft, Icom, JRC, Kenwood, tentec, and Yaesu), independent and for the LNA PTT outputs and Power Amplifier control, an improved second generation WinKey CW Keyer and a audio switching for receiving and transmitting. MicroKEYER 2R Plus also includes a unique, dual codec sound system for audio processing.

The complete kit contains: MK2R ™ or MK2R + ™, USB cable, LPT cable, two (2) stereo audio cables, headphone cable terminated with two plug (2) 6.3 mm (1/4 "), two (2) 3.5 mm (1/8"), one (1) coaxial 2.1 mm/5.5 mm power plug, two (2) RCA to RCA cables, and a CD-ROM with the microHAM USB Device Router program and documentation.



    • Single USB connection (Advanced mode) with LPT port for compatibility with "classic standard"
    • Agglomeration stand alone without a computer
    • support for setting different independent radio
    • Streamlined operations for each radio and different ways (R1 = R2 = SSB, CW)
    • innovative processing of dual sound card
    • integrated dual USB sound core (MK2R + only)
    • 16/42 buttons display lights for an ergonomic control the status of functions
    • Drivers for all version of Windows, Inc. Windows Vista ® 32/64-Bit and Windows7 (s9nce vers. 7.6.1.).
    • Compatible with most logging and monitoring programs based on MS Windows
    • DOS mode compatibility with ' so DOS via port LPT interface for loggers contest based on DOS (CT, TR, NA)

    Radio control

      • Integrated level converter for both radios CI-V, FIF-232, IF-232, or RS-232
      • Up to 57600 Baud with handshake support
      • Full support for most Icom, Kenwood, tentec, Yaesu and other radios
      • Optical isolation of radio control from the computer


        • Optical isolation of all keying signals from your computer
        • Intelligent system of keying lockouts for both radios (Band lock, Busy lock, External lock)
        • Hardware support for operations "last one wins" or "first one wins"
        • Easy switching between automatic and manual control
        • Independent settings for different Power Amplifiers
        • Hot Switch PA protection with time for activation of your choice
        • Programmable PTT delay in 1ms
        • T/R sequencer with extended capacity
        • Separate outputs of sequenced keying for VHF preamplifiers LNA
        • Dual media (one per radio) or individual operations with footswitch
        • Separate PTT supports for each radio control TX
        • Supports VOX and CAT T/R switching
        • Wide range of solid-state outputs for modern PA or QSK keying PA separately for each radio
        • Relay outputs isolated negative voltage or high voltage PA control


          • Second generation integrated k1el WinKey2/li >
          • front panel speed knob
          • Selectable side tone characteristics using "paddle side tone"
          • nine (9) user programmable memories
          • independent loggers auto-numbering for the contest
          • supports PS/2 keyboard for CW transmission
          • supports PS/2 keyboard or keypad for "memory keyer" and control for CW
          • PS/2 keyboard or keypad CW without computer connection
          • handles multiple CW sources: WinKey2, serial port and/or LPT port with steering

          Digital (FSK/AFSK)

            • six transformers for DC isolation of the soundcard and radio
            • selectable choice of radio outputs (VFO A/B) for each channel of the souncard
            • low noise preamplifier to improve weak signal decoding
            • front panel controls to optimize levels of each channel of the soundcard
            • front panel controls to optimize the handling of the mike for each radio
            • integrated high performance, low noise floor USB sound core (MK2R + only)
            • separate USB sound codec for digital modes (MK2R + only)
            • separate drives for each radio AFSK
            • output/selectable channel soundcard management for AFSK
            • management of source signals with specific applications mono/stereo
            • dual FSK output
            • supports data codes with 5/6/7/8 data bits and 1/1.5/2 stop bits
            • only hot switch protected FSK keying,
            • separate PTT output to support microphone muting for AFSK keying
            • nine (9) user programmable memories (FSK)
            • supports PS/2 keyboard FSK transmission with type front and diddle function
            • supports PS/2 keyboard or keypad for message playback and control
            • the PS/2 keyboard/keypad FSK works without computer connection

            Voice (SSB/AM/FM)

              • front panel headphone jacks
              • hand/desktop microphone jack on the rear panel
              • front panel selection of microphones connected
              • supports all control functions of the microphone for Radio1
              • The preamplifier selectable supports dynamic microphones with computer interface
              • selectable preamp to use dynamic microphones with the Icom radios
              • microphone management customizable (VOX/PTT/foot switch computer) from radio
              • microphone management customizable depending on the type of operations (directly from radio/via the sound card)
              • Digital Voice Keyer with nine messages up to 120 seconds per line and unlimited "banks"

              Headphone (Receive) Audio

                • front panel headphone jacks external speaker jack on the rear panel
                • only "source" signal handling
                • supports a second sound card for audio review or "spot announcements"
                • able to switch any dele 6 audio sources to each of the pavilions
                  1. R1 VFOA 2. R1 VFOB 3. R2 VFOA 4. R2 VFOB
                  5. Sound Card left channel 6. Right channel sound Card
                • hardware support for independent selection of receipt depending on the operating state
                  1. R1 = RX, R2 = RX, TX focus = R1 2. R1 = RX, R2 = RX, TX focus = R2
                  3. R1, R2 = RX = TX 4. R1 = RX, R2 = TX 5. R1 = R2 = TX, TX
                • hardware support depending on the user-defined ' scenario ' (weak pileup, strong pileup, S & P ...)
                • Front Panel control of the mix audio level
                • audio source confgurabile (VFO A/B) for each channel of the sound card
                • support for recording audio (WYH-What You Hear)
                • delayed switching ' by the user of the headphones (100ms)
                • front panel level control for each channel
                • additional buttons for controlling audio ' classic ' R1/R1/MIX/SPLIT/R2 or R2
                • easy switching between automatic and manual control


                  • connection of the accessories that can be configured with dual data outputs BCD band data '
                  • user-definable presets to invoke all parameters for controls of different programs or contests
                  • all parameters are stored in the box of memories and reloaded at start
                  • integrated chokes and filters for maximum immunity against interference RFI
                  • Metal/aluminum case, powder coated and glossy
                  • upgrade firmware/software over the Internet for free and with no time limit

                  Note: MK2R and MK2R + are hardware products-their level of functionality is determined to features offered by software applications and the transceivers with which they are used. Mk2r and MK2R + "fully support" a radio when microHAM a set of cables designed to interface the MK2R with input/output transceiver specifications supported. Due to the different characteristics of various transceivers, supported software (microHAM USB Device Router) and/or MK2R cannot implement muting, FSK and/or frequency decoding for all supported radio.

                  Note: you must have at least a certain set of cables, or 2 cable sets if you want to handle two radios. For cable connections see below at ' microKEYER.


                  Prices, images and descriptions are approximate. Specifications are subject to change during construction of the supplier.

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