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MFJ 464 Morse keyer and decoder

MFJ 464 Morse keyer and decoder
MFJ 464 Morse keyer and decoder
MFJ 464 Morse keyer and decoder
MFJ 464 Morse keyer and decoder
MFJ 464 Morse keyer and decoder
  • Product: In Stock
  • Brand: MFJ
  • Model: MFJ-464
  • SKU: 36
  • EAN: 7438641839568

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MFJ 464 Morse keyer and decoder

You're a little rusty with the CW? Rested and put this small and portable equipment MFJ Morse Code/CW Reader near the speaker of your receiver. So try Morse signals while will scroll the LCD display. Require no cables, no computer, no skins, no other apparatus or equipment! Use it as a backup in case you lose a few characters. Allows you to work on high speed CW even if you're a little rusty. Will help you to recognize and learn the characters such superfluous your speed and to correct your mistakes immediately.

  • Automatic Speed Tracking
    The MFJ AutoTrak automatically recognizes and traces the CW and decoding speed immediately.
  • MFJ Instant Replay
    The most recent 140 characters can be instantly replicated. This allows you to review and control.
  • High modem features
    Allows a reliable copy taking advantage of PLL modem technology (phaselock loop) of the MFJ. Decoding even faint signals and follows even slight variations in the signal frequency. Of course nothing can be done in the presence of the weakest signals and much QRM/QRN.
  • High-contrast LCD display
    2-lines his 1/32 wide-character LCD display with 4 inch high contrast.
  • True Pocket Size
    He's in the pocket of your jacket--smaller than a pack of cigarettes. Weighs less than 5.5 ounces.
  • Other features
    A serial port allows you to display text CW on a monitor using a PC and a terminal program. When there's too much noise to his microphone, or when you don't want to listen to the CW, you can connect the MFJ-461 to the receiver via cable. It is listed on the Battery saving ' sleep during periods of inactivity. Uses 9-Volt batteries (not included).
  • Easy to use--do not need instructions!
    Turn it on only--and instantly begins to decode!

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