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MFJ 225 Antenna Analyzer Chart

MFJ 225 Antenna Analyzer Chart
MFJ 225 Antenna Analyzer Chart
MFJ 225 Antenna Analyzer Chart
MFJ 225 Antenna Analyzer Chart
MFJ 225 Antenna Analyzer Chart
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  • Brand: MFJ
  • Model: MFJ-225
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  • EAN: 7438641842360

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MFJ 225 Antenna Analyzer Chart

The MFJ-225 has all functions of a standard scanner plus a host of new features, like built-in LCD display, 2 port VNA and the USB port. The MFJ-225 does not require calibration (auto-calibration)! Very easy to use. All functions are described in the English manual included.

Two antenna analyzers in one!
The MFJ-225 is a complete, self-contained, which is running on battery power, and then can be installed directly to the antenna. Connect your device to your PC and use the IG-mini VNA freeware to create a veritable VNA 2 channels and make an in-depth analysis of the data. You can also print the graphic curves in addition to the numerical results.

View more!
Thanks to the built-in, illuminated by 3 "graphics display, you will always have all values in sight. Besides the presentation of discrete values, the SWR can also be given in the graph as the curve. Other important displayed values are V/R, impedance ratio, phase angle. Set center-frequencies with a knob on the side of the MFJ-225 and read the curve in full-screen mode on the display.

1.5 -179.9 Mhz frequency range
The Analyzer MFJ-225 covers the entire frequency range from 1.5 MHz to 179.9 MHz continuously with the help of an integrated DDS VFO 1 kHz, resolution-so that all the mechanical elements such as switches or controllers are no longer needed. The adjustment is made by an optical encoder.

Built-in signal generator!
The MFJ-225 uses a built-in signal generator with-5dBm power to test several components such as mixer, amplifier, filter etc has a good signal suppression of harmonic-50dBc and provides excellent test results.

Versatile power!
For the operation of the MFJ-225 you can use 4 AAA batteries (rechargeable or alkaline). These are installed inside the device. With a 12V power plug attached on the side, you are also able to recharge the batteries. An LED light indicates the charge status. A USB cable does not work well as a power supply for the MFJ-225 when connected to a PC.

What is the MFJ-225 can measure?

SWR (1:1 in 9.9:1)
Complex impedance (R + jX)
Return loss (RL, 0-30dB)
Phase (0-180°)
Capacity (0-9999pF)
Inductance (0.1-80μH)
Cable length (0.5-45)
Cable loss (0-30dB)
No power supply included!

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