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LDG YT 1200 automatic tuner

LDG YT 1200 automatic tuner
LDG YT 1200 automatic tuner
  • Product: In Stock
  • Brand: LDG
  • Model: YT-1200
  • SKU: 415
  • EAN: 7438641843305

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LDG YT 1200 automatic tuner

Yaesu radios are very popular and so LDG is working to provide a suitable tuner for each radio. And even when the radios Yaesu have a built-in tuner, there is nothing that cannot be improved.

The LDG YT-1200 is suitable for use with the FT-450 (D), FT-950, FT-FTDX1200 and DX3000. In contrast to the built-in tuner LDG tuners offer several advantages: less energy consumption however lock relay, wider tuning range (tip 4-1000 Ω.) And tuning faster. Provided with the tuner is a cable that provides power and cat from the radio. This allows the adjustment very convenient-just press the ' Tune up ' on the tuner. The radio will switch to CW, the power is reduced, then the tuning process starts. After tuning the radio is back to his old ways and power setting.

Radio CAT interface is duplicated on the tuner, so you don't lose any functionality. You can continue to use your favorite software with radio and tuner, at the same time.

This tuner has a coax connector for the antenna coaxial cable-fed-dipoles, verticals, beams, whatever. Wire antennas would require an optional balun.


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LDG Tuner Tavola di comparazione

Tavola di comparazione LDG Tuner
Freq. Range [MHz]1.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 541.8 - 54
Power 1.8 - 30MHz [W]0.1 - 200.1 - 1250.1 - 1250.1 - 1250.1 - 1256000.1 - 1251 - 1000.1 - 1005 - 2505 - 60020 - 1000
Potenza mass. 6m [W]2030100100100600100100100100100100250250
Antenna connectors1x PL1x PL1x PL1x PL1x PL1x PL1x PL1x PL1x PL1x PL2x PL2x PL2x PL2x PL
Tuning Range [Ω]6 - 6006 - 8006 - 10006 - 8004 - 8004 - 8004 - 8004 - 8004 - 10004 - 10006 - 10006 - 8006 - 8006 - 800
Number of Memories200020002000200020002000200020002000200040001600040004000
Internal Battery possibleSiSiSiNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Ext. Supply Voltage [V]No8 - 188 - 18No (via CAT)No (via CAT)No (via CAT)No (via CAT)No (via CAT)No (via CAT)No (via CAT)11 - 1611 - 1611 - 1611 - 16
Current Draw after Tune0< 25µA< 25µA< 25µA< 8mA< 8mA< 8mA< 8mA< 8mA< 8mA< 8mA< 1A< 1A< 1A
On/Off SwitchNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoSiSiSi
Latching relaysSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiNoNoNo
Manual TuningSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSi
Automatic TuningNoNoSiNoNoNoNoNoNoNoSiSiSiSi
Manual Tuning of L & CNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoSiSiSiSi
Display PowerNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoLED BarLED BarLED BarLED Bar
Cable included1x LDG-Y-CAT1x DC1x DC1x LDG-Y-CAT--1x LDG-Y-CAT1x LDG-I-ACC1x LDG-IC4501x DC1x DC1x DC1x DC1x DC

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