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  • Brand: ICOM
  • Model: ID-5100D
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The ID-5100 is designed to better appreciate the potential of the digital system DStar * together with new technologies such as Bluetooth ® connectivity and the Android OS for the control terminal of the second station (requires optional UT-133, while Android software is available for free).

In addition to the new Bluetooth ® headset microphone VS-3 Bluetooth ® audio accessories can be used by third parties (though in some cases full compatibility is not guaranteed).

Standard digital unit allows standby simultaneous dual-band (DV Dual Watch).

The new engine integrated GPS is more sensitive and snap satellite signal faster than previous models.

The separate controller is equipped with LCD touch screen to type "responsive".

The automatic search function of repeaters has been improved to include analog repeaters (data for some repeaters may not be available for some versions or regions).

Independent VHF and UHF bands (ability to receive VV/UU).

50W of RF power.

DR mode function improved (also includes analog repeaters).

Added the function "Nearby Repeater Scan" DR scan mode.

Improved D-PRS

Ability to use the reflector D-Plus (you can select "reflector" in the TO field).

DV Dual Watch function to wait for simultaneously two voice streams so DV (can decode only one stream).

Home key (same function as in ID-51)

1000 memory channels/number of memoirs RPT over ID-51.

GPS within-content (in the controller, you cannot connect with external antenna).

ESN (Electronic Serial Number)/SD Card Reader slot (in the main body of the apparatus).

The optional Bluetooth unit UT-133 allows the connection of audio equipment and terminals Android (CI-V via Bluetooth SPP profile).

The VS-3 Bluetooth ® headset/microphone with volume control, PTT and 3 programmable buttons.

RS-MS1A Android app free download allows control of radio operations in DR mode, exchanging text messages and pictures and to view the GPS location on Google Map.

The new remote control microphone HM-207 is provided. Due to the changes in the user interface, the microphone HM-133 is no longer usable for control apparatus (eg the remote control buttons menu microphone is no longer supported/possible).

Thanks to the new firmware some features present in the models of the previous generation of D-Star equipment are no longer needed and then deleted, such as:

-Wide Receiver (receives only the following ranges 118-137 MHz (AM), 137-174 MHz, 375-550 MHz)

-Second antenna connector to function RX Diversity

-Connectivity for TNC/modem at 9600bps

-DTMF Decoder (and control mini-repeater)

-Radio-Radio Cloning cable

-Automatic recording of the name/Repeater, it is no longer needed because of the way DR.


Supplied complete with: handheld microphone HM-207, separating cable from 3.5 metres, OPC 837 track mount bracket kit, microphone connector, bracket for remote control, microphone holder, hook, spare fuse and manual

ICOM presents with the new ID-5100E in top-class dual bander! This device is a consequent advanced development from the experiences with D-Star and equipment like the ID-31E/ID-51E.

    • Touch screen like the IC-7100
    • Bluetooth control (option)
    • Dual watch for D-Star
    • Android-Apps for free
    • Built-in GPS antenna
    • Built-in D-Plus functions
    • Cloning software included

    The mobile transceiver ID-5100E is a dual band transceiver for 2 m and 70 cm. Supported modes are FM and D-Star (plus AM reception in airband). Like other dual bander the ID-5100E also offers two receivers, which makes it possible to monitor two frequencies simultaneously. The improvement: two D-Star frequencies simultaneously, too! Of course combinations like FM/FM or FM/DV are also working. Handling of D-Star with the ID-5100E is as easy-going as with the ID-51E. For this the function of the "home" button has been adopted. Manage and update the repeater lists as easily as with the handheld radio via SD card.

    For perfect D-Star service to GPS antenna is required of course. This antenna is included with the ID-5100E and is built directly into the control panel. This way D-PRS functions (digital position reporting system) are usable right away. To external GPS antenna is not required anymore! The cleverly designed layout of the display makes it possible to view both postion data and radio data at the same time. Handling is greatly simplified by the touch-controlled display (touch screen), which particularly benefits the safety at mobile operation.

    Remarkably is the support of'd-Plus ' reflector functions straight from the device. D-Plus is a software add-on for D-Star relays that offers unproblematic cross-linking over so-called ' D-Star reflectors. Simplified one can compare a reflector with a chat room where certain regions meet. Control functions for this (connect, disconnecting reflectors etc.) are directly accessible with the ID-5100E. Here Icom has made use of practical experience and picked up amateur radio developed functions!

    The optional UT-133 unit extends the ID-5100E mobile transceiver with Bluetooth ™ functions, so Bluetooth ™ headsets can now be used. This makes "hands free" operation possible, so no more annoying microphone cable and no constant pressing of the PTT button. Another function of the Bluetooth module UT-133 is the possibility to control the ID-5100E transceiver remotely with a smartphone (Android). For this purpose Icom provides its own Android app for free. Enjoy to simply sit in the garden, control the device remotely and have QSOs via BT headset. :-)


    CS-5100 Programming software HM-207 Handheld microphone, as provided MBA-2 Mounting bracket for MBF-1 RS-MS1A Android software for remote control UT-133 Bluetooth Unit VS-3 Microphone Bluetooth headset with PTT



    All the radios contributed by cover normally only the amateur bands.

    The extension a frequency radio (TX-RX) it is made out of express request reviews. The transceivers radio amateurs are usually not indicated for use outside of the amateur bands.In some cases, the radio and especially the amplifier final or output filters can be damaged during transmission to out of gangs amateurs.Such damages not are covered by no guarantee. La manufacturer warranty is cancelledas a result of the extension of frequency.


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