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Icom IC F29SR

Icom IC F29SR
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Icom IC F29SR
  • Product: Not available
  • Brand: ICOM
  • Model: IC-F29SR
  • SKU: 398
  • EAN: 7438641843138
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The new IC-F29SR is a radio for free use but has been designed for professional use. Deriving from the family of professional radio IC-F1000/F2000, with an extremely thin and manageable body, however, remains a robust and reliable radio waterproof and dustproof with degree of protection IP67.
It has an integrated speaker from 800 mW (typical), for audio always strong and understandable.

  • Operations simplified for immediate communication.
  • 50 tones Ctcss and DTCS codes 80. For programming the function keys and to set the CTCSS/DTCS tones you need cloning software CS-F29SR.
  • Radio super slim and lightweight. Only 24.5 mm thickness for 240 grams (including antenna and BP-279)
  • Construction rugged MIL-STD-810 and degree of protection IP67 water and dust.
  • Powerful audio output of 800mW. The large speaker from 45 mm up to 800mW (typical with internal speaker) audio power.
  • Functions Smart Ring and Call Ring. Smart Ring: lets you know if your correspondent has received your call. Call Ring: call waiting selectable between five different volume levels.
  • Three buttons function (top and sides). The function keys can be programmed through cloning software. The various programmable functions are: scan, priority Channel Channels memory, monitors, key lock, security, Mermaid, Scrambler, audio Compander, Smart ring/Call ring and voice announcement of channels ON/OFF.
  • LED Tri-color . The bright LED on the front shows the three different operating status changing color and flashing type.
  • Selector channel Rotary. The range switch provides 16 channels possible channels preprogrammed. The group code CTCSS (or DTCS) can be programmed by the dealer using the cloning software.
  • Ad vocal channel number
  • Power transmitting 500mW. The IC-F29SR offers 500mW power output and can cover a distance of about 3 km. (Distance varies depending on the morphology of the terrain, weather conditions, etc.).
  • Battery lithium-ion battery, with operative autonomy of 21 hours (Tx: Rx: Stand-by = 5:5: 90, Power Save function activated).

And also:

  • Function power save (or battery saving)
  • Alarm battery low
  • Function monitor
  • In mode monitoring, disables the LED light and beep sounds
  • You can use the siren as security alarm
  • During TX-channel scanning functions and Talk-back guarantee a quick reply
  • Chance fast cloning from radio to radio
  • Supplied with: lithium ion battery BP-279 from 7.2 V/Nikon 1 v2, quick charger BC-213 BC, AC adapter board-123SE, belt clip MB-133 antenna and instruction manual.

    EN 301 025-2 V 1.4.1 (2010-09);
    EN 301 025-3 V 1.4.1 (2010-09); 
    EN 300 698-2 V 1.2.1 (2009-12);
    EN 300 698-3 V 1.2.1 (2009-12)EN 301 843-2 V 1.2.1 (2004-6);
    EN 60950-1 (2006/A1:2010); 
    EN 62311:2008;
    EN 300 338-1 V 1.3.1 (2010-02)

    EN 300 338-3 V 1.1.1 (2010-02)

    BP-2781130mAh Li-ion 7.2 V
    BP-279Li-ion 7.2 V Nikon 1 v2 (supplied)
    BC-213Quick charger. Charging the battery pack BP-279 in 2.5 hours. Comes with AC adapter BC-123SE.
    BC-123SEMains adapter for BC-213
    BC-214Multiple battery charger Board fast. Upload up to 6 BP-279 in approximately 2.5 h. Provided with BC-6 AD-157S and 130
    BC-157SPower supply unit for BC-214
    Ad-130Battery charger adapter BC-214
    CP-23LCharger with cigarette lighter socket for use with BC-213
    OPC-65612V cable for use with BC-214
    HM-168LWPIP67 waterproof speaker mic
    HM-155laSpeaker microphone
    HM-159LASpeaker microphone
    HM-153LAMicrophone headset
    HM-166LAMicrophone headset
    HS-94Headphone/microphone, requires adapter VS-4LA
    HS-95Headphone/microphone with bow at the nape, requires adapter VS-4LA
    HS-97Throat microphone, requires adapter VS-4LA
    VS-4LAHeadphone adapter cable HS series with ptt switch
    MB-133Belt clip
    MB-130Charger bracket for use with BC-213
    Technical specifications
    Frequency:446.00625 ~ 446.09375 MHz (8 channels)
    Output power:500mW (ERP)
    Audio output (with 5% distortion):Internal speaker: 800mW tip. (with 12 Ω load)
    External speaker: 400mW tip. (with 8 Ω load)
    Dimensions (WxHxD):/Peso52.2 ×/Peso × 186.1 24.5 mm 240 g
    (with BP-279)
    Operating temperature:-25° C ~ +55° C
    IP protection:IP67 (dust and water)
    Military standard evaluation:MIL-STD-810-G

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