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Icom IC-7610 base hf and 50 mhz sdr

Icom IC-7610 base hf and 50 mhz sdr
Icom IC-7610 base hf and 50 mhz sdr
Icom IC-7610 base hf and 50 mhz sdr
Icom IC-7610 base hf and 50 mhz sdr
Icom IC-7610 base hf and 50 mhz sdr
  • Product: Available
  • Brand: ICOM
  • Model: IC-7610
  • SKU: 692
  • EAN: 7438641846054
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The icom IC-7610 uses a direct-scanning AD converter like any advanced Software Defined Radio (SDR) software to convert the RF signal into digital signals directly behind the antenna. All subsequent processing then takes place with the use of special digital components (FPGAs, Field Programmable Gate Array). The result is an extraordinarily high dynamic block range, which in the case of the IC-7610 is about 110dB (2 kHz of signal distance). These good receiver characteristics are also supported by a precise oscillator with extremely low phase noise.

The icom IC-7610 offers two independent receivers that can also receive different bands and modes. Each receiver has its own controls for volume and RF gain. This makes it easy to observe and work a pile-up in split mode by observing both the DX station and callers on different receivers, possibly even with different filter widths. The transceiver is easy to use because the necessary functions are arranged in a compact and easily accessible way.

Both receivers are equipped with so-called 'DIGI-SEL' filters. These filters function as a running presaver and have steeper edges than fixed-band filters. This type of filtering even better protects the AD converter from overloaded with unwanted signals outside the band range. The display is a touch display like its small and successful IC-7300 brother, only slightly larger, 7 instead of 4.3 inches. Many functions are managed through this touch display. A quick real-time cascading display shows the receiving field for each receiver separately. The amplitude of the spectrum can be adjusted between 2.5 and 500 kHz. This way you always have the bandwidth activity in sight, no matter if you are waiting for a DX station or if you want to check in a competition if the band is already open.

Features IC-7610:

All short wave bands - 6m
built-in antenna tuner
100W Transmission power
SD memory card for setting and logging
Operating modes: AM, FM, SSb, CW, RTTY, PSK31
101 Memory
2 antenna sockets, switchable
RX antenna output
DVI-D socket for connecting an external monitor
Ethernet outlet for remote control
USB 3.0 socket for fast data transfer (I/Q data)
USB 2.0 socket for CAT data
Icom CI-V Remote Connection
Output for Analog S-meter Tension
External keyboard link (CW, RTTY, Keyer)
Input for 10 MHz clock
Ready for cross-operation

Equipment IC-7610:

HM-219 Handheld Microphone
CC cables
Replacement fuses
div. small parts

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