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Hytera RD625

Hytera RD625
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Hytera RD625
  • Product: Out of production
  • Brand: Hytera
  • Model: RD625
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Repeater station for wall installations

The portfolio repeaters DMR Hytera Mobilfunk is the widest on the market and consists of modern, reliable and interesting devices, designed for the European market.
The booster stations ETSI-DMR of simultaneous paths Hytera Mobilfunk support two voice or data digital TDMA (Time-Division Multiple-Access) to offer for the price of a double call capacity license. A second conversation does not require a second Repeater, allowing customers to save on equipment costs. This apparatus allows you to easily migrate from analog to digital with the ability to operate in both modes. The RD625 provides clearer voice communications and broader coverage compared to analog systems, eliminating static and noise.

Hytera RD625 – dual-mode analog/digital Repeater DMR Tier II standards available in VHF (136-174 MHz) or UHF (400-470 MHz) with 1 power – 25 W.
RD625DPX is a compact product dimensions and weight very contained, complete with power adapter/quick charger and six-cell antenna duplexer filter, insidePROCOM duplxer is installed in the booster that can have at least4 MHz spacing between TX and RX.  Per amateur radio applications it is recommended to buy the bridge without the duplexer, anduse an exterior that can do one shift of 600kHz.



On the connector accessories is available the audio (in digital mode) both slots.

Hytera devices are designed with the use of electronic components with low energy input, with very low power consumption (< 500 mA @ 12 VDC standby), a prerogative that makes them usable for photovoltaic systems and/or power turbines.

All repeaters are Hytera units via IP network to create a multi-site IP Site Connect, even with mixed RD985 systems RD985S RD965 RD625 – – – up to a maximum of 225 sites, with configurable latencies up to 480ms (for use with 3 g/4 g connections) and also can be managed and controlled with the Monitoring software Hytera RDAC, or using standard SNMP protocol that can be integrated so in standard supervision systems able to manage network devices (switches, routers, UPS).

Hytera repeaters have phone integrated serial interface VoIP native (SIP trunks)-dial telephone on both time slots.

Because of our resale contract with Hytera authorized to sell equipment exclusively for ham radio but not for professional applications


RD625DPX Equipment:

RD625 Options:

  • VHF frequency range 136 – 174 MHz or UHF 400 470 MHz-
  • Channeling 20/25 kHz 12.5/analog
  • Digital trunking 12.5 kHz
  • RF power 1 – 25 W
  • Up to 16 programmable channels
  • Operating modes: analog/DMR Tier II
  • Also enabled digital audio with possibility to link back-to-back analog/digital
  • Interconnection with other repeaters via IP (max 225 sites)
  • VoIP TUI (SIP trunks)-dial telephone on both time slots
  • Supervising via local or via IP or by RDAC standard protocol SNMP
  • 40-bit digital encryption in accordance with specifications DMRA
    • Wall mounting apparatus
    • 90-264Vac feeder at 13, 8vdc with quick charger 12VDC function
    • Power cord 230Vac
    • Six-cell antenna duplexer filter
    • Operating instructions
    • Digital encryption algorithm AES 128/256-bit with optional
    • Connecting cable to battery back up (PWC06 – DC power cord)
    • Bracket for wall mounting (BRK21)

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