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Hy-gain AV680 Vertical antenna HF 9 BANDE HF

Hy-gain AV680 Vertical antenna HF 9 BANDE HF
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Hy-gain AV680 Vertical antenna HF 9 BANDE HF
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Multi-Band PATRIOT vertical antennas
80/40 covers bands 9 vertical/30/20/17/15/12/10/6 Meters
• No radial • no traps • No ashore • No tuning • handles 1500 Watts
PATRIOT HF vertical antennas by hy-gain are the best built, best performing and most multiband vertical price on the market today. Make full use of your cycle of sunspots with PATRIOT's corner slow signal.
Instead of the typical traps, hy-gain crystals are placed in parallel not in series. End loading of the lower HF bands allows efficient operation with an antenna height manageable.
Introducing the new Hy-Gain PATRIOT-PLUS AV-680 covering completely tunable -4.0 3.5 MHz!
With the AV-680, you get the same great performance of traditional AV-640 on 6 to 40 meters, plus ability to top-to-bottom out of 80 and 75 meters.
It's a great way to join new networks and local round tables, explore the exciting digital frequencies 75 meter DX, or add to your repertoire of operation.
Just choose the segment bandwidth that you want to use, set the 80/75 Meter resonator, and you're set.

• Are not required for final Earth-orradials radial effective counterweight replaces fed on broadband matching unit.
• Automatic bandswitching-single coaxial cable of feeding, each band is individually adjustable, VSWR bandwidth.
• Sleek and low-profile-Low surface wind, small area needed for Assembly, is easily installed on bridges, rooftops and courtyards.
• Built to last-Hy-gain ' sPatriot series antennas have ahigh survival wind thanks to its elegant, yet rugged. The corresponding unit is done by all Teflon
insulated wire.
• Top loading: parallel resonators-vertical-efficiency element
• independence open ground: No unsightly wires radial add-on
• top-to-bottom 3.5 -4.0 MHz coverage: identify with precision the tuning for the rock-bottom SWR on any frequency you choose.
• individual power and coaxial cable with automatic selection of band of 100%!
• Low profile: the most compact antenna-independent land available!
• Legal-limit 1500-Watt PEP: SSB and CW Power handling *

Band selection remains fully automatic, all components to handle legal power, and you won't need a tuner with your rig to solid state.
Expanded-680 of the AV-MatchboxTM circuit Frequency ensures low SWR readings on each band, with an updated design balun that concentrates all of your power into antenna where it belongs!
If space is at a premium to your QTH and Hy-Gain issues appearance, we open the door to one of the most beautiful and famous of ham radio with the new AV-680. This is the best choice for unmatched versatility and cover band 6-80 meters high!
Adding a cover 75/80 Meter without compromising performance classic of the Patriot, independence land and small footprint was no small feat. Still, the AV-680 size, weight and wind loads are almost identical to the AV-640 without unsightly radial extensions, traps, or heavy vertical structures above make less attractive or unsafe.

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