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  • Brand: ICOM
  • Model: ICOM IC-7700
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High performance, to communicate to higher levels


32-bit floating point DSP double
Two independent inside DSP units (of the same type as those used in IC-7800): one is used for the receiver and the transmitter, while the other is used for the spectrum scope. The IC-7700 further enhances the already excellent performance of 32-bit DSP that ICOM has for some time now introduced in amateur radio field. In conjunction with AD/DA Converter supports most of the features present in the DSP IC-7700.

+ 40dBm to intercept point by 3° order
ICOM has spared no expense in designing the signal chain and developed an amateur apparatus capable of challenging the performance of professional and military equipment. The single receiver should not be seen as a limitation, but rather as a bonus because it does not give compromises to performance of the receiver. You would appreciate a third order intercept of + 40 dBm (50 kHz offset) and higher dynamic range in radiomatoriale field, as its "big brother" IC-7800. the ICOM IC-7700 continues the tradition of being the benchmark for an AGA HF ham radio. For example mechanical relays are used in place of traditional semiconductors and high performance mixer DMOS with local oscillators "high drive". The use of two-stage only IF and the ICOM technology for image rejection allows the IC-7700 to reproduce clearly is weaker signals that those extremely strong without any distortion.

RF preselector with auto trace
As a first line of defense against interfering signals, the preselector eliminates interference from unwanted signals typical of out-of-band broadcast stations and during contest in multi-multi. The preselector automatically follows the desired signal while maintaining its bandwidth centered on the operating frequency.



200 W RF power full duty
The newly designed amplifier uses a push-pull of MOS-FET operating at 48 Vdc providing 200 W output power with 100% duty cycle and low level of IMD on all bands. Low-noise switching type feeder is built.

Outstanding frequency stability
The IC-7700 shares with his older brother IC-7800 outstanding frequency stability of ± 0.05 ppm! Also on the 6 m band the error is less than 3 Hz thanks to temperature controlled crystal oscillator. In addition, there is a 10 MHz sample frequency input and output for any external equipment.

7 inch TFT color display
7-inch wide display (800 x 480 pixels) color has to be seen to be believed! On it are represented an instrument needle S-Meter high linearity, one spectrum multi function scope and text messages RTTY/PSK-31 with bright colors and well contrasted. In addition is available on the rear panel VGA connector for using an external display.

Spectrum scope multifunction
Through the use of a dedicated DSP units, the spectrum scope offers linearity, accuracy and resolution. By adjusting the selectivity (resolution bandwidth) you can find small signals adjacent to strong ones. Thanks to this spectrum scope you can carry out a spectral analysis of received signals and monitor their bandwidth or distortion as well as IMD and spurious products. In addition the range of scope can be set independently of the reception frequency. It is also possible to monitor the condition of bandwidth between two limits.

Operations in RTTY and PSK31 without connection to a PC
The IC-7700 has within it a modulator/demodulator for the two main digital modes on HF. Is it possible to receive and transmit signals from baudot RTTY PSK31 is that by simply connecting a USB keyboard to the array. You no longer need to connect to a PC to operate in RTTY and PSK31. It is also possible to store the messages transmitted and received on a USB memory (optional) and then transfer them to your PC.

Notch filter in the IF with adjustable features
The notch controlled by DSP offers the possibility to manually intervene on the shape of the filter in 3 steps to fit the various reception conditions. Use the "soft" form of the filter to tune an interfering tone and then go to "sharp" filter to mitigate the risk up to 70 dB.

Professional receiver for the 6 m
Most of the equipment HF/50 MHz shares the preamplifier between the HF and 50 MHz, the IC-7700 uses a preamplifier and a dedicated mixer and optimized to only the gang of 6 m to improve performance against cross-modulation, especially important when you need to receive small signals in the presence of strong nearby stations.

Digital Voice Recorder
The Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) is a very useful tool in contests, Dxpeditions, field-day, but also for normal operations. You can register your name, calling CQ or other information in a memory. On the front panel are buttons for recording and playback of messages.

2 USB ports on the front panel:
A USB port is dedicated to a memory drive, while at the other it is possible to connect a USB keyboard to the operations in digital modes.

BNC In/Out for receiving antenna
These connectors on the rear panel allow CI-V interface, in Union, connecting and synchronizing a second transceiver ICOM (for example an IC-756PROIII) to be used as a second receiver.

Other notable features:


    • Roofing filter selectable between 3, 6 and 15 kHz, as for the IC-7800
    • IF filters for receiver with soft shapes and "sharp"
    • Protection circuit for reflected power antenna
    • RS-232 c for PC connection
    • BNC i/o for 10 MHz reference signal (-10dBm)
    • Oscillator OCXO with frequency stability ± 0.05 ppm
    • Audio Peak filter for CW operations
    • Multifunctional Noise blanker
    • Advanced noise reduction and automatic notch filter
    • Audio Filter "Twin peak" and RTTY tuning indicator
    • High speed automatic antenna tuner of agreement
    • Speech synthesizer built



      All the radios contributed by cover normally only the amateur bands.

      The extension a frequency radio (TX-RX) it is made out of express request reviews. The transceivers radio amateurs are usually not indicated for use outside of the amateur bands.In some cases, the radio and especially the amplifier final or output filters can be damaged during transmission to out of gangs amateurs.Such damages not are covered by no guarantee. La manufacturer warranty is cancelledas a result of the extension of frequency.


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