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Cable DC cable for most HF radio (Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu) with 6 pin molex connectors. Each side (red/black) and is equipped with fuses. Cable length ca. 2.5 m, 2.5 mm ², no connector on the other side...
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DC cable for most rigs VHF (Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu) with 2-pin molex connectors (T-shaped). Each side (red/black) equipped co fuse. Cable length ca. 4 m, 2.5 mm ², no connector on the other side...
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ICOM FL 430 6Khz Roofing Filter
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Brand: ICOM
6Khz Roofing Filter..
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Brand: ICOM
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YAESU DMU 2000 data management unit
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 DMU-2000 data management unitThe data management unit, DMU-2000, available Optionally, allows the connection of- the FT-950 and FT-2000 with a PC monitor displaying of screen many ultili information: representation the band, audio track, oscilloscope XY, world clock, command of the rotator and ..
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YAESU YF 122C Collins CW Filter (500Hz/2kHz)
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Filter for FT-897/897D, FT-2000, FT-857/FT-857DCollins CW Filter 500Hz/2 kHz-6dB/-60dB  ..
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3-way AAS-300 Antenasplitter up to 300 MHzThe AAS-300 antenna splitter can distribute the signal of a receiving antenna to a maximum of 3 recipients. About low noise, the broadband broadband signal amplifier is fixed to internal division without mutual interference. The antenna splitter is powered..
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Better reception due to interference suppressionThe NCC-2 is used for interference suppression during reception on long, medium and short wave. It combats local interference from switching power supplies or plasma TVs as well as interference from distant stations. This is achieved by phase compensat..
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Brand: ELAD
ASA-15: HF splitter antenna up to 70 MHz.The ASA-15 splitter antenna distributes the signal of a receiving antenna up to five different receivers. Each of these can use an individual amplifier with a gain of up to 12 dB. In addition, a 15 dB attenuator is integrated on the input to attenuate signa..
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Eliminate QRM Eliminate QRM
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Problems with the QRM locally on shortwave? Many times the answer is a clear ' Yes! '. Those who live in rural areas know how ' clean ' the frequency except the areas where they spend the largest energy transportation lines! ... However, many interferences are generated by local sources of noise, su..
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A VFO FlexControl and radio control accessory for Software Defined Radio all FlexRadio systems. Developed by serious contesters, but applicable to all types of operators, the FlexControl ergonomic design offers the possibility to adjust more VFO, RIT and XIT with a simple turn and/or weighing, press..
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