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Expert Electronics

Expert Electronics Colibri-NANO SDR Rx Expert Electronics Colibri-NANO SDR Rx
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The Colibri-NANO USB stick is a powerful direct-sampled SDR receiver. The range of frequencies ranges from 9 kHz to 55 MHz. The AD converter has 14-bit depth, which results in an excellent BDR of 110 dB. The sampling rate of 122 MHz, combined with the anti-aliasing filter, allows direct sampling rec..
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SunSDR2 PRO Transceiver with direct digitization and direct signal synthesis
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The SunSDR2 PRO transceiver was designed for advanced operation on HF and VHF bands, even the most demanding operator will be surprised by its capabilities. Modern hardware along with the ExpertSDR2 software makes this high-performance SDR transceiver the perfect base station and at the same time pe..
Ex Tax:€1,228.69
Based on the popular SDR transceiver 'SunSDR2-Pro', Russian manufacturer Expert Electronics offers the 'SunSDR2-DX'. This transceiver works as a Defined Radio (SDR) direct scanning software with a 16-bit high-resolution A/D converter. All amateur radio bands from 160 to 6m and the 2m VHF band are su..
Ex Tax:€1,803.18
The SunSDR2 QRP is the HF and 6M transceiver with 5W output power and a wide range of capabilities. Thanks to the constantly improving ExpertSDR2 software and advantages of the direct sampling the SunSDR2 QRP can solve any given task for a reasonable price. Th..
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