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Duplexer-Triplexer-Multi band splitter

Duplexer HF/2 m and 70 cm, for example, to use the antenna HV-7 with ICOM IC-706, FT-857 etc. Band: 1.6 -56/140-470MHzInsertion loss: 0.20, 3dBMax power: 600W600WPEPIsolation: 50dBConnectors: Cables PLConnetor antenna: PL female..
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Duplexer Diamond MX-72N 2 m/70 cm or HF/70 cm Band: 1.6 -150 400-460 MHz Insertion loss: 0.15 0.25 DB Max power: 400W 250W PEP Isolation: 60 DB Connetor antenna: PL female Connetor antenna Connetor 2 m C..
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Band: 1.6-60110-170300-950MHzInsertion loss: 0.150 .20, 25dBMax power 800W800W500WPEPIsolation: 60dBConnetor Antenna: Fem PL. MX-2000N PL maschioPL maschioN male..
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MX-2000N Diamond 6m / 2m / 70cm triplex1.6 - 60MHz 800W PEP leak 0.15 dB110 - 170MHz 800W PEP Low 0.2dB300 - 950MHz 500W PEP low 0.25 dB1 SO-2392 x PL-2591 x NCable length 30 cm..
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DIAMOND MX 2000 triplexer 6m / 2m / 70cm
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suitable for kenwood ts 2000 MX-2000 Diamond 6m / 2m / 70cm triplexer 1.6 - 60MHz 800W PEP loss 0.15 dB 110 - 170MHz 800W PEP low 0.2dB 300 - 950MHz 500W low PEP 0.25 dB SO-239 3 x PL-259 Cable length 30 cm..
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Diamond MX 3000N Triplexer band 144 430 1.200 Mhz
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144 430 1,200 triplexer Diamond MX-3000N Triband MhzMX-3000NtriplexLPF: 1.6 ~ 160BPF: 350 ~ 500HPF: 350 ~ 1300800 W500 W200 W0.2 dB0.3 dB0.4 dB55 dBN > M/N/N with cable assemblies from 35 cm..
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The duplexer from 1.6 to 460 MHz without CABLES   Specifications:     Port: LPF/BPF/HPF Frequency (MHz): 1.6-30/140-150/400-460 CW W: 400/150/100 PEP ..
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Diamond SS500 antenna splitter up to 500 MhzIt is used to connect two antennas to a receiver or vice versa - a two-receiver antenna. This device contains a broadband adaptation network that combines inputs and adapts the impedance. In addition, it separates the inputs from each other.The insertion l..
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Coupling of two or four antennas via coaxial power splitters. The power splitter has a near-lossless transformer to adapt the 12.5 or 25 Ω to 50 Ω antenna parallel to required. Phase adapter is needed to get the circular polarization in a crossed yagi or X-Quad. The speed modulation gear..
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