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Dummy load

Fictitious load for calibration of radio amateur apparatuses and linear amplifiers of the acom type

HF 50 Ω resistive termination Model DL-50 Impedance 50 Ω Max power CW: 15W, 100 W max.Max.  20W at 1:1 On: Off cycle ON cycle length 5 minutes, max.Max.  50W at 1:3 On: Off cycle, 1 minute ON cycle length max.Max 100W at 1:6 On: Off cycle, max 30 sec cycle length..
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Brand: MFJ
Dry resistive termination is usable up to 650 MHz, 100 W power for 10 minutes, max 1500W for 10 sec. Sizes 8x8x28cm, PL jack. ..
Ex Tax:€77.87
Brand: MFJ
Usable up to 150 MHz.Maximum power 2500 W for 1 minute, 500 W for 10 minutes.The Dummyload has an internal cooling fan.The power supply and an English manual are included...
Ex Tax:€228.78
Professional dummy loadTECHNICAL DATA Model CF-800 Frequency range 0-1000 MHz Power Max. 800 W-1kW Measure 200 x 160 x 230 mm..
Ex Tax:€196.80
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