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In telecommunications, the dipole antenna or more simply dipole is the simplest type of radio communications antenna, consisting of two equal open arms made with a linear electrical conductor on which the electric currents that radiate the electromagnetic field at a distance.

The Hertzian dipole is the source used by Heinrich Rudolf Hertz in 1887 to carry out his famous experiments in the experimental detection of electromagnetic waves, theoretically predicted by Maxwell from his equations. It consists of a filiform electrical conductor of much smaller length than the wavelength of the incoming electrical signal, connected to two metal spheres that act as tanks for charges. It is in fact a type of dipole antenna.
Wire dipole dual band 3.5/7 MHz band Power Watt and PEP 1200Kw Length 26m..
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 BANDS COVERED IN ONLY 80-40-20 Mt are 22 EXTENDED-15-10 Mt 400 Watt POWER SSB Kelemen antennas are wire antennas with traps made from teflon isolated coaxial cable.Properties of the PTFE insulated traps:resistant to solvents like acids and alkalines not flammable (temperat..
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Shortened dipole for WARC (12, 17, 30 m), length 11m
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Shortened dipole for WARC (12, 17, 30 m), length 11m, weight 1.1 kg, ideal companion of dipole W-210. Supplied fully assembled, including balun and connector PL. Max 200 Watt power SSB/CW...
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Trap dipole and shortened for 10, 15, 20 m. Length 8 m, suitable as an antenna for the holidays. Weight only 0.9 kg, ideal companion W3DZZ. Supplied fully assembled, including balun and connector PL, max 200 Watt power SSB/CW...
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Power line parallel to antennas, 450 Ω, to power symmetric antennas (dipoles, G5RV etc.) The conductors are plated solid steel and offer high tensile strength. 1 mm diameter, wire distance of 20 mm.Temperature range of -20 to + 60° C bending radius 10 mm, 0.9 reduction factor...
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Good antenna for all bands 80 to 10 meters (or from 40 to 10 meters, or 160 to 10 meters), consist of a dipole along 31m that it is powered with a parallel line (450 Ω) 10 m long. At the end of the parallel line one can use a coax of any length (request with balun).The SWR on bands 1 1 1: between 4 ..
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The Buddipole is a professionally constructed portable antenna for 40 to 2m which has found a huge popularity worldwide. The exceptionally good quality and care of details make this antenna an ideal companion for vacations and other portable activities. The transport length of the dipole is only 56c..
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Brand: Chameleon
The Emcomm II is a long-wire, which can also be used in laptop.Wide frequency range of 1.8-54MHz, this antenna covers completely all shortwave bands.The Emcomm II consists of a 18 m long wire already connected.For ease of installation, the balun has at the top a ring terminal with a carabiner that a..
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Brand: Chameleon
The HYBRID-MINI-Series is a new development of Chameleon. The base is fully compatible with almost any previous and future products .. At the maximum power of 800W, the headstone is the base, which with various antenna configurations from 160m to 6m. Here some configurations with the HYBRID-MINI-S..
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Comet H 422 trap dipole for HF
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Brand: COMET
Working range: 7/14/21/28 MHz Max power: 1 kW SSB Size: 10.3 m (horizontal) - 7.4 metres (vertical) Wind exposure: 0.28 m2 Mast Diameter.: 38 ~ 62 mm Connector: So-239 (MJ) Weight: 5.4 Kg...
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Braided copper wire 1.5 mm2, PVC insulated.Lightweight, yet less tensile dll ' steel...
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Cushcraft D 3 Rotary dipole
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The dipole D-3 and D-4 Cushcraft are multiband dipoles for mounting pole.A classic dipole has always preferred directions 2. Often the opposite station is located just outside of this area. However, these antennas are rolling in and so you can choose the right direction.Both antennas on the 14/2..
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