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Brand: DAIWA
Rated wattmeter band 140 - 525 MHzPower range 20/200 WattConnectors N..
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Daiwa CN 801 S2 Romentro wattmeter
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Brand: DAIWA
CN-801 series are high quality RF Wattmeters with unique features that make power measurements CFA and boring during testing of antennas, transmitters and tuning, matching a very easy task.SWR and Power indicators are installed in a unit of one meter. A scale indicates forward power, reflected power..
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Brand: DAIWA
Rosmetro Wattmetro ad aghi incrociatiCaratteristicheRange di frequenza 140 - 525 MhzRange di potenza 20 / 200 WattMin. potenza per misurazioni di SWR 5 WattConnettori Ndimensioni dello strumentoDimensioni del contenitore 155 x 109 x 120 mm.Tolleranza ±10% of full ..
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Brand: DAIWA
Watt meter cross-needleAVG and PEP Reading Frequency: 1.8-200 MHz Power rating: 20/200/2kW Tolerance: +/-10% (full scale) SWR Detection sensitivity: 5W min Input/output impedance: 50 OHM Input/output connectors: SO-239 Dimensions and weight: 6.25 in x 4.3 in x 4.8 in/kg. 3o..
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Brand: DAIWA
Wattmeter with crossed needlesAVG and PEP Reading Frequency: 1.8-200MHz Power range: 30/300 / 3kW Tolerance: +/- 10% (full scale) SWR Detection Sensitivity: 5W min Output / output impedance: 50 OHM Output / Output connectors: SO-239 Dimensions and weight: 6.25in x 4.3in x 4.8in ..
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Brand: DAIWA
The CN-901G is an SWR meter for UHF (23 cm). Thanks to the large cross-point tool, precise reading is very easy and fast. At a glance you can read both the power, the reflected power and the SWR. This makes it much easier to adjust antennas or transmitters.The respective measurement field of 2 or 20..
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Brand: DAIWA
CN501H2 Daiwa rosemeter / wattmeter for HF / VHF 1.8 / 150 MHz rangePower 20/200/2000 W up to 60 MHz or 1 KW for VHF *Minimum power for reading the 4W SWRIlluminated cross-linked needle tool, shockproof rubber, SO239 connectors* in the 2m range. the maximum power is 100 0 watts...
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