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CMF 5000 Common Filter

CMF 5000 Common Filter
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CMF 5000 Common Filter
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  • Model: CMF-5000
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In some cases, converter filters have a limited effect on TVI and BCI. Usually because this type of interference is caused by 'common' currents on the shielded coaxial cable mesh, and therefore immune to the effects of traditional filters.
To solve this type of problem, the 1.8 - 54MHz communiqué filter is now available, which is integrated into the RF power line just like a normal low pass filter, as close to the TRX. Compression of the common mode up At 250MHz and 50dB.
Two versions are available: max. 2000 W o max. 5000 watts of power, loss of insertion e'max. 0.1dB.
In Japan, a high-density radio amateur country and several TVI situations, so far, 250,000 of these filters have been sold and satisfied with satisfaction. 2x PL connectors.

For proper application to your TRX, order:
For the 2000 W version a 90 ° PL with plugs (male) or on both sides

ModelloPotenza mass. (CW)MisuraConnettores
CMF-20002000 Watt380x54 mmPL
CMF-50005000 Watt300x54 mmPL

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