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Chameleon V1L

Chameleon V1L
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Chameleon V1L
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  • Brand: Chameleon
  • Model: V1L
  • SKU: 394
  • EAN: 7438641843091
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Chameleon antennas are very compact antennas that are ideal for installations with limited space or mobile or portable operations. The antennas cover all bands 80 to 6 meters and also the VHF/UHF (2 m, 70 cm).


The building of antennas Chameleon is very robust. On strong support in fiberglass accorare traps are mounted the antenna on each band. With just 260 cm long, the Chameleon V1L covers all bands: 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12. 11.10 and 6 meters. All materials used are stainless and weatherproof, the central part is covered with a heat-shrink sheath black.

Chameleon antennas can be installed with 3/8 ". Wimo offers a wide range of mounting systems for permanent or temporary installation. Home How to drive. The antenna can be mounted on a post, but also on the balcony railing, a window sill, a fence and many other places.

The antenna is shipped in two long clips V1L Chameleon 130 cm and becomes long 260 cm once assembled. Sometimes this measure is too long, for example, for an installation in the car. To this end, the manufacturer offers a stylus much shorter: the antenna Chameleon V2L. It is only 200 cm and operates on the same bands V1L version. This stylus is perfect for installation in car (balun AA included).

Technical data
Chameleon V1L
Frequency range80-6 m + 2 m + 70 cm
Power Max.500W
Connector3/8 "threaded bolt

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