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CAT interfaces - USB

Ameritron ARB-704 PTT Linear interface
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Each transceiver has an encoding output for an amplifier, but not all of those outputs are able to encode the high voltages or currents of an amplifier. High voltages or voltage spikes can destroy the encoding phase of the transceiver. To avoid this, an additional buffer relay such as the ARB-704 is..
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ATU 2.0 CAT cable for unit control for Icom equipment, yaesu, elad, flexradio, kenwood..
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Cat 817 yaesu FT 857 Mate to 897
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Electronic door CAT interface duplicator on FT-817/857/897 If you want to use more than one device at the CAT interface, such as registering the program and the antenna controller or an external keyboard. Cat-Mate provides two connectors CAT and CAT receives commands from both inputs, the answer fro..
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The USB-63 is a cable with a serial connector (DB-9) for various radio, and a USB connector to your computer. This allows you to connect many radios with serial interface a computer with only USB classic CAT. Length ca. 180 cm, Inc. CD-ROM with drivers for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (32 or 64 bit). ..
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The CT-62U is a cable with connector for the CAT interface on various Yaesu radios, and a USB socket for the computer. This allows you to connect various radios with CAT interface port to a computer with only USB. Length ca. 180 centimeters, incl. CD-ROM with drivers for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (..
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They're made of aluminum. Even the smallest has an elemonto of 50 mm in diameter ( 2 inch). Because of the 'wide area' they have less loss of gain. Both end sections are welded to the connector, thus avoiding contact resistance.The tuning capacitor is not a simple variable but a 'large' capacitor wi..
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Brand: ICOM
To program the radio comfortably at your computer, enter data for each memory, sort them and deal with them in any way. If you have a D-Star radio Icom D-Star relevant settings can be made with this software as well. Memories can be stored on your computer as a file, printed and copied to other radi..
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Brand: ICOM
Do you have too much QRM/QRN at home? But do you have access to a remote area that is quiet (as far as radio is concerned)? Why not put your station there? Or check your radio in the attic from your computer in the basement through your local network. Both are possible with Icom's RS-BA1 remote cont..
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Brand: ICOM
WCS-5100 USB Programming Kit for ID-5100E: Simplifies programming settings, memory channels, etc. on Icom ID-5100E.Supplied with USB cable, Windows system drivers and CD programming software...
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Programming software for Kenwood radios For the current set of Kenwood TS-480SAT, TM/HX radio-D710E, TM-V71E, TH-F7E and TH-D72E a new programming software is available which allows for an easy programming of all parameters on your computer. You can read, store, and reproduce the current configurati..
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Compatible radio model TM-D710 TM-V71A Kenwood PC Control programming cables are designed for use with basic, mobile and portable radios. These Kenwood cables offer cloning, data and PC control to best meet the needs of the system and support operational needs...
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Brand: microHAM
The microHAM Station is the successor to the popular Band-Decoder and offers many additional features. With the Station you integrate many devices of your cabin: automatic switching of the antenna with freely programmable band decoder, direction of the rotator controlled by the computer, CAT control..
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