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Cat 817 yaesu FT 857 Mate to 897

Cat 817 yaesu FT 857 Mate to 897
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Cat 817 yaesu FT 857 Mate to 897
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Electronic door CAT interface duplicator on FT-817/857/897
If you want to use more than one device at the CAT interface, such as registering the program and the antenna controller or an external keyboard. Cat-Mate provides two connectors CAT and CAT receives commands from both inputs, the answer from the radio is directed to the outlet where the last command origin. Port activity CAT is indicated with a LED. Also the CAT-Mate has an RS-232 serial port for connection to an integrated, you only need a normal serial cable (CT-62 replaces). The CAT Mate does not require a power supply.

When you use the CAT-MATE on a FT-857/897 FC-30 Tuner cannot be used or FC-40 at the same time. This is because the tuner requires the exclusive use of the CAT interface. Solution: use the LDG tuners instead of the FC-30 AT-897plus.

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