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BUTTERNUT HF 6V 6 band vertical Antenna
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The advantages of all HF bands from 80 through 6 meters with high efficiency-without losses due to traps. Both antennas (HF-6V, HF-9V) are high only 7.9 m and can be mounted directly on the ground or high ambient temperatures on the roof. Easy to assemble, solid construction. Easy to set up, solid c..
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BUTTERNUT vertical Antenna for 40 and 80 HF 2V 2 bands
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Optimal radiation on 80 and 40 due to length of 9.8 m used on both bands. Optionally available is the "TLK" top loading kit for better bandwidth, the extension kit is also available for 160 and 30 m.Technical data Height: 9.8 m Weight: 5.9 kg Impedance: 50 Ω, K..
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BUTTERNUT vertical Antenna HF 9V 9 bands
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Similar to the HF-6V but for 9 bands: 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and the 6 m. For 160 m is available an optional kit. Height: 7.9 m Weight: 6.3 kg Impedance: 50 Ω durch mitgelieferte Anpassleitung VSWR (midband): 1:1.5 or better on all bands ..
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For HF-6VIt extends the HF-6V to bands 12 and 17m. Weight 1.4kgINDICATIVE PHOTOS..
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For HF-6V Extends your HF-6V at the gang of 6 m. Weight 0.5 kg..
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Butternut HF 5B
Out of production
Five popular bands with a light Butterfly 2 antenna beam element. Ideal where space is limited, the HF5B provides up to 3dB (5.2 dBi) gain on 20 m, up to 5 dB (7.2 dBi) 15, 12 and 10 m. Works like a rotary dipole for 17 m. Light enough to rotate with a TV rotator, the surface of the HF-5B is just 0...
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Copper based conductive lubricant to be applied at the end of the aluminum tubes at the connection point of one another.Helps to maintain a good electrical connection, protects against corrosion.Pack of 30 g...
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Radial ground mounting kit installed HF2V, HF6V or HF9V, consists of radial 12 9.2 m long, includes installation material...
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TBR 160S 160 mt kit for Butternut installed HF2V HF6V HF9V
Not available
For HF-2V, HF-6V, HF-9V Extends to the band of 160. Max power 500W, 1000W SSB CW. Note: cannot be used with CPK kit. Weight 0.5 kg..
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TLK Top Loading Kit TLK Top Loading Kit
Not available
For HF-2VIncreases bandwidth and efficiency on 80 and 160 m. Weight 0.9 kg..
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