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Balun type 9: 1 or 4: 1, 1: 1 choke

Toroidal Baluns for wire antennas, assembled in sealed containers, with solid hooks to the attack of the wires. PL Connector. The 1:1 Balun is a current choke balun, the other models (1:2, 1:4, 1:6) are voltage baluns.    Balun 1:1, 200 Watts SSB/CW     ..
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Brand: Chameleon
The Chameleon HYBRID-MICRO is an even lighter Version of the HYBRID-MINI antenna.The weight is about 500 g, which makes this antennee highly suitable for backpacking. The base of the antenna is a smaller version of the wideband balun, which is also equipped with 3/8 "tthreads for mechanical installa..
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Brand: MFJ
Instead of the usual central insulator. Common mode filter are deleted all common mode currents that were generated. PL Connector...
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DIAMOND BU 50 Balun wideband pool 1: 1 DIAMOND BU 50 Balun wideband pool 1: 1
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Wideband balun pond.Data:Frequency range from 1.7 to 40 MHz Impedance: 50 Ω Ratio: 1:1 Max power: 1200 Watt PEP..
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Diamond BU-50A Balun 1:1 power 1.2 kw
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Diamond BU-50A Balun 1:1 power 1.2 kwBalun broadband pond. Data:-Frequency range from 1.7 to 40 MHz-Impedence: 50th-Ratio: 1:1-max. power: 1200 watts PEP..
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DX Engineering Balun 1:1 maximum power 10 kW DX Engineering Balun 1:1 maximum power 10 kW
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DX-Engineering's Maxi-Core Balun features extreme robustness and high performance. The Balun 1:1 10kW offers excellent transmission efficiency over a wide range of frequencies. In this way, HF energy is transmitted as much as possible and is not converted to thermal dispersion. This ensures better e..
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Our baluns have a bolted, clear polycarbonate case and are not filled with insulating plastic like other baluns. This makes the production of these baluns much more expensive, also because we still have to make the baluns weather resistant, but this method has a clear benefit: In case of an accident..
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Central isolator for dipoles powered by a 450 Ω symmetrical parallel line.The cable housing is made with specific rectangular shaped seats...
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Brand: LDG
Baluns by LDG, suitable for use with LDG or stand alone tuners. Max. Power load 200 W, one side has a PL socket, the other side two terminals for connecting to wires or lines to scale (double cable). The baluns are made for outdoor use, for permanent outdoor installation they must be waterproofed wi..
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