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ARS EL universal interface USB for most rotors

ARS EL universal interface USB for most rotors
ARS EL universal interface USB for most rotors
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ARS EL universal interface USB for most rotors

ARS-USB-EL universal interface for rotors also Elevation version


  • Rotator control with USB
  • Two models for azimuth/Elevation and Azimuth only available
  • Can be used with almost any Rotator
  • Can be used with almost any software
  • Operatind system that supports USB (Windows XP, Vista, Win7 (32/64 bit), Mac OS X, Linux)
  • LC Display shows the position and status
  • Control keys for easy manual control
  • The Rotator interface ARS-USB computer-controlled operation of an antenna Rotator. The interface is connected to your computer with a single USB cable (included). The drivers (included) simulate a virtual serial port (COM port) that can be used with almost any satellite monitoring or software contest.
  • Thanks to the flexible design of interface hardware, ARS-USB can be used with almost all rotators. rotators are supported with or without brakes. The interface is USB only azimuth rotators ARS, ARS-USB model-azimuth/elevation Rotator EL is used for (satellite rotators). The cable connection from the control unit must be performed by the user interface rotators. This requires all the necessary signals (left/right, up/down, location and land) from the controller to ARS-USB interface. The interface has screw terminals for easy installation of the cable.
  • ARS-USB interface is supplied in a solid metal case. A dicplay LC on the front shows the current position and other status information. With 2 (ARS-USB) or 4 buttons (ARS-USB-EL) location of azimuth and elevation can be controlled manually. ARS-USB interface uses a microcontroller that can be loaded with program updates via the USB cable when prompted.
  • The USB driver installs a (simulated) virtual serial port (COM port) on the computer. This method of controlling a Rotator is used by almost all software on the market, if the satellite tracking software programs or contest. The Protocol (s) used by the ARS-USB is the same used by Yaesu, Yaesu rotators side so that any program can be used with the ARS-USB. But the interface can also be controlled by the commands with a simple terminal program like Hyperterm. This is very useful for testing and calibration. Before you use the interface needs to be calibrated to the rotator.
  • ARSVCOM software included (for Windows) allow you to control the computer independently of any other satellite program or contest. This software is also used for calibration. The program ARSVCOM can be used at the same time as another Rotator control program.
  • The power of the interface is not made by USB, but requires an external 12VDC power supply. The power consumption is about. 100 to 130 Ma. An open ended DC cable is included, as well as a USB cable. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the English manual and the software ARSVCOM.

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