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Amateur Radio Antennas

We have available hf/vhf/uhf base antennas, vehicular and portable antennas for all frequencies.

You can choose according to your needs, depending on the space you have available for the installation of your antenna.

An antenna, in telecommunications, is an electrical device capable of transmitting and/or receiving electromagnetic waves: the antennas provide the receiver with an electrical signal proportional to the electromagnetic field in which they are immersed, or vice versa in the form of an electromagnetic field, the electrical signal provided to them by a transmitter.

They are therefore those devices or subsystems that make telecommunications possible, i.e. non-wired remote communications (wireless) through telecommunications systems.

Their use is then widespread in radio bridges, dedicated radio communications (e.g. air and naval navigation, walkie-talkies, etc.), wireless networks on user terminals and base radio stations (WLANs, cellular networks, etc.), in the infrastructure of both terrestrial and satellite broadcasting and broadcasting, in all remote sensing applications to active sensors and in radar applications.

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